12 Money-making Hobbies (You Most Likely Have One)

All of us have our hobbies. These are the activities we spend some time doing because they’re enjoyable or fulfill our needs.

Although hobbies aren’t usually a source of income, they can be a great way to earn extra money. You can make anything you want, depending on your interests and talents.

Here are 12 lucrative and common hobbies that can make you money.

1. 1.


Online publishing and writing can be a great hobby. It can help you advance your career or establish yourself as an expert in a particular topic. You can create a platform to share your ideas. You can also rent your skills.

Writing is a great way to make money. You can freelancing on websites like Upwork or 5rr, or reaching directly out to bloggers for paid gigs. A lot of people are looking for content writers who have a niche expertise.

If you are able to blog well and have the discipline, you can start your own blog. You will need to choose a niche and build an audience.

No matter what your interests are, whether you’re interested in tech, travel, or cooking; our guide to starting a blog you can turn into an online business will help you understand the basics.

Check out this video for more inspiration:

  • Best Self Co. used blogs to market its productivity tools.
  • Wait, But Why Built a Business Around Tim Urban’s Humorous and Insightful Content.

2. Illustration and design


Illustration and design, like writing, are creative money-making hobby you can do from home as a freelance contractor. Fiverr is a great platform for finding new artists and displaying a wide range of illustration styles. Clients post projects that require these talents, regardless of whether they are looking for marketing or custom portraits.

You can also put your artwork on products, such as t-shirts, posters and canvases. Then you can sell these items. You need to know that your artwork will not be sold unless it is targeted at a particular market. The latter is often easier.

Hatecopy a great example of a business started by an artist who wanted to make things that people could buy.

You do not need to spend money on inventory. You can take advantage of your creativity by printing-on-demand. This is a low-risk option. To list your products online, you will only need to make mockups. After you have made sales and identified the best designs and creative that are in demand, you can start to invest in your own inventory.

For more information, see the following links:

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Next, what are some profitable hobbies that can make you money? Make money selling music. This hobby business can be taken in many different directions.

There are two options for making and selling music. One is to record your own songs and albums, and then sell them on your website. The other option is to host them on a platform like soundCloud.

Other sounds can be created that don’t have to be full-fledged albums or songs, such as beats or samples. Beats are composed of short hooks made from various sounds. They are meant to serve as a background for musicians, while samples are a small portion of a sound recording that can be reused elsewhere.

Third-party websites that function in the same way as stock photo sites allow you to list beats. People purchase your music to use in their own material. These songs are usually shorter and more reliant on the instrumentals than on the lyrics. You can list your beats on a number of websites, including Airbit or BeatStars. Airbit paid $32 million to its artists in 2019, while BeatStars sellers earned an estimated $40 million, which is double the amount they earned in 2018.

Samples from Vanity are samples that artists can use to remix and splice together in order to make their own music.


Your audio can be made exclusive or non-exclusive. You can make more money if you sell exclusive rights. However, you must produce high-quality work like SoundOracle. His outstanding work has earned him a reputation. More than 20 Grammy Award-winning songs have featured his sounds. His beats are available for sale with exclusive and nonexclusive rights.

4. 4.

Food has evolved into an art form that requires elaborate photos and time to perfect. Not only are amateur chefs involved but also people who have adventurous palates and want to try new foods.

You can make money by cooking. You can even open a food truck company.

Google reports that 59% 25- to 34-year-olds bring their smartphones into the kitchen to practice and find new recipes. There is a market for DIY chefs who are looking for content and products to help them.

Learn more: 

Magento pos

Shopify pos

Bigcommerce pos

Woocommerce pos

Netsuite pos


5. Gardening



As people spend more time at their homes, gardening has been gaining popularity. Gardening can be a great hobby that can make you happy, healthier, and even more wealthy. In one year, millennials spent $13 trillion on plants.

Leaf & Clay offers succulents for a one time purchase or a subscription.


Your customers can also purchase products that will help them in their gardening pursuits. edn added an indoor garden to its product line.


6. 6.


You can make photography a side hustle if you have a good camera and are able to use it.

Although you can be a freelance photographer, you may not be able to shoot local gigs and events. There are less photography gigs if there are no events.

You can sell your photos as prints or stock photos to make a more sustainable side-business. Your photography skills can also be used to build a large Instagram following, and monetize that . It is important to choose a niche or “lifestyle” that you wish to capture in your photos.

Fun fact: The second-most profitable Instagram account for professional photography is the one that offers sponsored posts at a price of up to $2,500. You don’t even need to have hundreds of thousands of followers.

For more information on how to monetize photography, see our How to Sell Photos Online guide.

7. Make your own crafts



Another profitable hobby that makes money is crafting. There are many things you can make and sell if you love working with your hands: soap, candles, jewelry, soap, bath bombs and more. There are 40-billion dollars in the industry, waiting for your next innovative idea.

Handmade communicates quality, care and uniqueness that is often lacking in department stores. You can test market for products by selling them to family and friends, or on Etsy. As you gain more customers, consider scaling up into a full-fledged company.

You can sell products that let customers make the goods themselves if the idea of crafting them yourself doesn’t appeal to you. Make fun DIY kits, such as FlowerMoxie‘s DIY wedding bouquets. You can also tap into the home-improvement industry – between 2018 and 2019, home improvements spending increased 17%


These are some more examples of DIY businesses and resources that will inspire you.

8. 8.


Do you have the ability to make people laugh? What are the most popular memes right now? You can use your sense of humor to create an audience online by taking that sense of humor. This list includes comedy as one of the most creative ways to make money .

Many accounts on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube have large followings simply because they curate memes or viral videos, or tap into a niche of humor no one else is offering. It was a surprise that all those hours spent scrolling through your social media feeds would turn out to be a profitable hobby.

You can work with brands to sponsor posts, or make your most famous jokes into tees and other products once you have an audience.

This is just one example:

9. 9.

Selling coffee online can be a great way for a hobby to become a profitable business. The global coffee industry is worth $60 billion each year. It consumes over 400 billion cups of coffee annually. This is a great time to take advantage of this opportunity, as many coffee drinkers are now accustomed to making their own caffeine fix at home. It could be a lucrative hobby if coffee is a passion of yours.

Coffee drinkers have many options. They can choose to enjoy the search for the perfect coffee bean, making a perfect cappuccino or simply enjoying a cup of coffee with a book.

Tania LaCaria and Jeff Campagna, globe-trotting travelers, discovered that coffee blended well with their other passion: motorcycle travel. Their own bike garage, Steeltown Garage Co. was opened by them. They also have a coffee shop and sell merch. Through their hobby, they are creating a community.



These are some more ideas for coffee business owners:

10. Memberships

Because memberships allow you to generate recurring revenue, they can often be automatically taken from the customer’s preferred method of payment. These businesses charge customers a recurring fee for their products and/or services.

This is where the hobby aspect of membership comes in: memberships can be based upon almost any topic. For inspiration, gardeners may look to the California Native Plant Society. Memberships allow buyers to access educational content, events, as well as discounts with partnering companies.

Danielle Spurge transformed her hobby of crafting into a successful business. Her company, the Merriweather Council sells memberships that help entrepreneurs leverage their talents and create sustainable craft-based businesses.


There are many options available. All you need is a hobby and an imagination to start your membership-based business.