14 examples of the most beautiful eCommerce websites

14 examples of the most beautiful eCommerce websites

A good eCommerce website design should be a marriage of form and functionality that achieves the ultimate goal of any online shop: to sell.

Although there are many types of eCommerce websites, good ones all share one thing in common: visual design that makes a strong brand impression, trust-building content, and a user experience that assists customers in their buying journey.

This blog will discuss the design elements and features that can improve your design skills, along with 14 store examples to inspire you.

What is the key to a great eCommerce website design?

It is visually appealing

Every design element on your website has an impact on how your brand is perceived. Your store will be evaluated by shoppers in less than a second. This makes it crucial that your branding is consistent, professional, and consistent.


High quality product photography will help shoppers trust and understand your products. Each product should be accompanied by at minimum one simple photo of the item, which shows it against a plain or white background. Additional photos of your product should be included at different angles or close-ups so that customers can see the finer details. Your site’s imagery is important, not only for product photos. Use lifestyle photos throughout your pages to tell a story about your brand.


You can enhance the shopping experience by adding a variety media, such as video and 360deg photos, user-generated content, and size charts. These elements will not only make your site more engaging, but they can also help shoppers visualize different aspects of your product, such as its size, texture, and color.

Copywriting skills are strong

Strong copy and engaging content can help you build trust and professionalism in your eCommerce design. Each piece of text that shoppers see during their shopping journey can be used to create a personal connection.

It encourages loyalty and trust

Even for the most savvy online shoppers, buying goods online can be a risky business. The design elements of a product can help build trust and influence sales.

Review of product

It’s not necessary to stress the importance of social proof when creating a high-converting product page . It is your responsibility to ensure that customer reviews are easily found. Keep in mind, customer reviews can be helpful for SEO by providing depth to product pages and touching upon long-tail keywords.

About Us Page

Create a About Us page that allows customers to connect with the human side. A great About Us page highlights your company’s values and communicates your commitment towards your brand. It also spotlights the people behind your products.

Return policy

Transparency is achieved by clearly defining and publishing policies for returns and exchanges. Before they buy, customers want to be clear about what you expect. Customers also want easy returns. In fact, 92% say they would purchase from another company if they had an easy return process.

It provides a clear path for purchase

Customers shouldn’t be frustrated by poor site design and abandon their purchase. These features can be used to inspire, motivate, and increase sales.


A good user interface (UI) is essential for eCommerce website design. It should be simple for shoppers to navigate and filter through all the options. A good UI can include features such as your header, navigation menus, breadcrumbs, filters and on-site search. All of your products should be available within three clicks or less.

Similar products

It’s a great way for your customers to have a better shopping experience, increase their AOV and fight choice paralysis. Pro tip: Use product galleries to suggest similar products, rather than identical products, so your customers don’t second-guess their choices.

Multiple payment options

Multiple payment options allow customers to make a more personalized checkout experience, which increases sales. Customers can pay using their preferred payment method, whether it is Apple Pay, BNPL or traditional credit cards. This eliminates friction in the final step of the purchasing process.

01. Copper & Brass

Copper & Brass Paper Goods were launched in October 2018, with a very important purpose: representation. Copper & Brass sells beautiful illustrations of Black characters and people, including their Black Santa wrapping paper. Their eCommerce site is a shining example of the beautiful designs they have created. This website is a great example of strong branding that can communicate a company’s values to create compelling reasons to buy.

02. Sticky Lemon

Sticky Lemon sells cute accessories “for little or bigger children with an outspoken palate in the way that they look.” The site’s design uses color blocking, patterns and illustrations. Sticky Lemon’s website design pays tribute to the adorable products they sell. It is well-designed, cute, and high-quality.

03. Vivi et Margot

The French homeware brand Vivi et Margot is a shining example the power and beauty of photography. This site features lifestyle photos of the French countryside that depict “la vie en Rose.” Its impressive social media following (more than 20,000 to date) demonstrates the persuasive power photography has in creating strong brand experiences.

04. Izzy Wheels

Izzy Wheels is proud to promote inclusivity and bold self expression through their vibrant online store. Ailbhe and Izzy Keane, sisters from Ireland, have collaborated with some the biggest brands in the world, including Barbie, Disney and Hello Kitty, to create beautiful wheelchair covers. Izzy Wheels increases trust and buzz by highlighting these brands and press mentions on its homepage.

05. Celebs in Sandwiches

Ever wondered how your celebrity favorite would look on a sandwich? Celebs On Sandwiches sells funny and delicious (and tasty) sandwiches. Prints that will please sandwich lovers and celebrities alike. Its eCommerce design is simple and easy to navigate. This is the key to its success. You will notice the easy search function and the scrolling homepage that places the product at the center of the niche online shop.

06. Gay’s The Word

Gay’s the Word has done a great job creating an online extension to their famous London-based LGBTQ+ bookstore. The shop’s brick-and-mortar location is complemented by vibrant photos of the books to give customers the feeling of being in a bookstore. This site features Community as well as Events pages, which keep online shoppers connected with the community that has supported this business since its beginning.

07. Indian Summer

Indian Summer is committed to sustainability. Shoppers can see the dedication to upcycling swimwear accessories throughout their online store. Indian Summer’s About Us page explains their business mission. The Home and Store badges with the “Eco Alliance” logos indicate that their product packaging has been certified biodegradable and eco-friendly. The brand’s mission and values can be a compelling reason to shop with this eco-conscious brand.

08. Melissa Mitchell

Artist Melissa Mitchell started her online business with prints of her colorful, bold art. Mitchell collaborated with international brands like Spanx to expand her range of products, including clothing, head wraps and swimwear. Although Melissa’s artwork is full of bold colors and patterns her eCommerce site stands apart because it is so simple. Her homepage’s white background is a great contrast to her wild prints and playful fonts, as well as her creative copy.

09. Coal and Canary

Coal and Canary have a vibrant color scheme and bright imagery that make their site enjoyable and evocative to their motto, “Cheeky Candles For Playful Personalities.” But they aren’t playing with anything other than building a loyal customer base. Coal and Canary’s website offers several ways to sign up for their VIP email list and loyalty program, as well as a page that outlines their “Burn + Return” program. Amanda Buhse, co-founder of Coal and Canary, estimates that 50% of their sales are from returning customers.

10. Ultasmile

Ultasmile is the brand behind the three-sided toothbrush. They face a unique challenge building trust because their product is still new to many users. Ultasmile is a master at incorporating trust-building elements in their eCommerce design. They are able to show authentic customer experiences by including testimonials and customer reviews on the product page. You can also see videos on the site that highlight the unique features of their product. Ultasmile’s success building trust with customers is evident in its growth. This quirky toothbrush with three sides has become a six-figure business.

11. Evolve Clothing Gallery

Evolve stands out like the clothes RanD meticulously curates for his collections. The site’s galleries and product images pop against a black background. It has a sophisticated, elegant experience that is as chic as the Evolve brick and mortar store in New Jersey. You can choose the product categories you want to browse using drop-down menus. Evolve’s elegant design and seamless checkout process combine to create a fluid, fashion-forward experience.

12. The Spice Suite

The Spice Suite is immediately obvious: the website and Angel Gregorio the store’s founder have flavor. Angel’s journey from vice principal to SpiceGirl and curator at the DC-based Spice Suite, can be found on The Spice Suite’s “About Us” page. Angel’s incredible commitment to her community is highlighted on the SpiceSuite’s website, which also highlights the 450+ pop-up shops that she hosted at her store.

13. Kaekoo

Visitors to Kaekoo immediately feel the unique and cozy style. It is clear that the business knows branding. The logo is hand-lettered, the photos are tasteful, and the color palette is consistent. A store selling handcrafted products needs a consistent and attractive brand. Home decor buyers want to trust and understand the vision of the creator. Kaekoo’s website is full of images of their products in various settings, to help customers select the right product for them.

14. CeliaB

Celia Bernardo is the founder of Spanish fashion brand CeliaB. Her clothing designs are inspired by her travels around the world. Her website showcases the unique patterns, textures and bright colors she uses in her couture clothing. The CeliaB website is beautiful and engaging. CeliaB offers 10% discount on their first order and invites people to join its mailing lists. CeliaB can then stay in touch through marketing emails and a newsletter.

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