18 Ecommerce Crowdfunding Success Stories

In “9 Equity Crowdfunding Websites to fund your company,” my post last week, I outlined top crowdfunding websites that provide equity stakes in startups and smaller businesses. As a consequence of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, small companies can now generally solicit investments from licensed (wealthy) investors. After Title III of the JOBS Act goes into effect, anyone will have the ability to invest through a crowdfunding site.

Here’s a list of successful capital increases through crowdfunding sites. All these companies have ecommerce aspects. You will find online shopping and bargain websites, online tools, and ecommerce platforms. The dollar amounts raised are between $500,000 and $5 million.

Two Harness

Two Tap.

Two Harness is a tool to streamline mobile trade, providing mobile users the choice to purchase a product without the practice of going through a whole checkout form on a small display. Two Harness has raised $1.5 million on Wefunder.



Dealflicks offers movie ticket and concession deals for as much as 60 percent off. It partners directly with movie theaters to fill empty seats. Dealflicks has raised $1.5 million on Wefunder.

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Asseta is an online marketplace for businesses to buy and sell production equipment. It attempts to be a prominent marketplace for industrial resources. Asseta has increased $597,400 on Wefunder.



Goldbely is an online marketplace that connects curious eaters with America’s finest gourmet food purveyors. It attempts to create an alternative to the conglomerates that control the majority of the food world today. Goldbely has raised $3 million on Wefunder.



Unbabel is a bunch translation tool that combines translation applications and mobile human editors. It seeks to offer a cheaper and more efficient online translation service for companies. Unbabel has increased $888,400 on Wefunder.

Sprizzi Drink Co

Sprizzi Drink Co..

Sprizzi Beverage Co is a house drink firm that sells dispensers, taste capsules and CO₂ refills. Sprizzi Beverage Co has raised $622,000 on Fundable.



SparkBase is a loyalty and gift card platform that helps businesses recognize and reward their clients in real time. It captures shopper behaviour (both online and brick-and-mortar) in many different touch points to reward fiscal and non-monetary engagements. SparkBase has increased $1.3 million on Fundable.



Moonfrye is a household creativity platform co-founded by former child TV star Soleil Moon Frye. It gives a free mobile photo app and interactive DIY jobs delivered to the customer’s doorstep. Moonfrye has increased $3.6 million on AngelList.


ShopGenius by NetPlenish.

NetPlenish is the developer of this ShopGenius online shopping tool. ShopGenius is a free browser plugin that compares a website’s prices with those of other websites and accesses coupons that are available. NetPlenish has increased $1 million on AngelList.



Cratejoy is a platform for merchants to establish their own subscription trade enterprise. In addition to subscriptions, Cratejoy also supports conventional shopping cart ecommerce purchases. Cratejoy has increased $1.3 million on AngelList.



RedMart is a Singapore-based online grocer. Its goal is to offer a tumultuous supermarket shopping experience, saving shoppers time and money with its mobile and internet shopping apps and delivery. RedMart has increased almost $5 million on AngelList.



Nimble is a societal client-management platform that puts your contacts into a single location so that you can engage them across any channel (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Skype, telephone, and email). Nimble has raised almost $2 million on AngelList.

Little Ducks Organics

Little Duck Organics.

Little Ducks Organics is a manufacturer of no-sugar-added fruit snacks using the most nutritious organic ingredients available. Its products are offered online and in physical stores. Little Ducks Organics has increased $890,000 on CircleUp.

SmartyPants Vitamins

SmartyPants Vitamins.

SmartyPants Vitamins provides all-in-one gummy vitamins for children and adults. Matching purchases with nutrient grants to children in need, the business is on a mission to assist one million children get the nutrients they need. SmartyPants Vitamins has increased $2.1 million on CircleUp.



TradeYa is an online bartering platform. Users only post possessions or solutions, find things they need in the market, and then begin trading. TradeYa has raised $500,000 on Crowdfunder.

Aunt Bertha

Aunt Bertha.

Aunt Bertha is an internet platform to connect individuals and social support programs. It helps seekers to locate free and low-cost programs, and it helps organizations reach and serve a larger number of individuals. Aunt Bertha has increased $955,000 on Crowdfunder.

Smart Traveler Marketing Services

Smart Traveler Marketing Services.

Smart Traveler Marketing Services is an internet travel-services company focused on prices for dying travel inventories, for example hotel rooms and cruise cabins. Smart Traveler Advertising Services has raised $500,000 on Crowdfunder.



Kueski is an internet micro-lending agency in Latin America. Users are able to apply for a small loan, specifying how much money they want and when they want to pay it back. A response occurs in minutes, and users get funds in approximately 55 minutes. Kueski has increased $1.3 million on Crowdfunder.

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