2 Best Magento 2 Solutions Create One Step Checkout

You know that checkout is an essential step in any customer’s journey with eCommerce. Many customers abandon their shopping carts due to the lengthy and complicated checkout process.

One-step checkout is now the preferred method of checkout. To increase conversion rates and sales, almost all online shops have simplified the checkout process to one step.

You should create the Magento one-step checkout as soon as possible.

We will provide detailed instructions in this article on how to create Magento one-step checkout.

These two solutions can be:

  • Use the default Magento setting
  • Extension

Let’s get going!


Let’s start with Magento one-step checkout.

One-step checkout is a checkout that collects all order information (shipping, billing addresses, order totals, product details, payment options, shipping options, etc.) on one page.

This is different than multi-step checkout. Multi-step checkout is a checkout divided into multiple steps (usually 3 to 5-steps).

Test results showed that the one-step checkout outperformed multiple-step checkout by 21.8%.

Magento one-step checkout speeds up the checkout process as customers don’t need to go through any additional steps. It also speeds up your website’s loading speed, which will improve the user experience.

One-step checkout has two purposes: to satisfy customers and to sell more.

Every checkout option is not perfect. One-step checkout is one example. One-step checkout makes it more difficult to evaluate checkout performance. This checkout process is the best.


Magneto supports one-page checkout by default. This will reduce the checkout time.


You can enable one-page shopping for your store by going to StoreConfigurationSalesCheckout.


Next, expand the Checkout Option section. Set the Enable Onepage Checkout value to Yes.

Click Save Config to save the configuration and view the result in the front store.


Although the Magento default one-page checkout is simple to set up, there are still many drawbacks.

First, it is a 2-step checkout process, even though it is called One Page. – Shipping and Review.


These two steps are conditionally linked to one another. Customers can only view the Review & Payments step once they have filled in all their Shipping information.

This means that your customers will have to switch between their computers to update and modify their shipping preferences and information.

The default Magento checkout is also a slow one, which could lead to cart abandonment.

Customers cannot create new accounts on the Magento 2 default checkout page.

The default Magento one page checkout is not optimized for maximum efficiency.

This is why many store owners opt for the Magento one-step checkout module.

We will be introducing you to the best Magento extension for one-step checkout.


Magento 2 One-Step Checkout Extension is the best way to optimize your checkout process.


We want to show you the best module before we show you how to create the 1-step checkout with a third-party extension.

There are hundreds of one-step checkout modules available on the Magento extension market. We are certain that this is the best.

Magento 2 One-Step Checkout by BSS


Magento 2 One-Step Checkout lets you show all required checkout blocks (shipping and shipping addresses, payment methods, order summary, etc.) on one page.

These checkout blocks can be customized in order and style. This makes Magento checkout pages more attractive and more attention-grabbing.

The autofill feature allows for faster checkout and better customer service.

It can automatically detect the customer’s address using Google API. This will give suggestions for billing and shipping information, and encourage customers to place their orders.

This extension allows your customers to choose the delivery date and leave messages.

It supports all four Magento payment options: Authorize.net, Braintree and Credit Card. Customers have a variety of payment options available to them and can then finalize their purchase.

The gift block is another amazing function. Customers can leave a message to the recipient and request gift wrapping for a small fee.

It also offers many additional features that are not available in the default Magento checkout.

  • You can create a new customer account by going to the checkout page
  • Click the product name to edit the quantity and go to the product page.
  • In the box, enter the discount code
  • Sign up to receive our newsletters

Last but not the least, this app works on all devices and is fully compatible with all Magento themes.

Magento 2 One-Step Checkout by BSS extension is the ideal extension to streamline checkout and speed up checkout.

INSTALL Magento 2-One-Step Checkout The best Magento 2 solution!


You can enable Magento 2 One-Step Checkout by BSS at StoreConfigurationBSSCOMMERCEStep Checkout.


In the Generalsection

  • Set Enable to Yes if you want to enable it. No if you want to disable it.
  • To allow customers to create accounts on the checkout page (Yes), or to disable it, set Allow Creating Account to Yes.
  • You can select the name that you would like to be used on the checkout page in Title.
  • You can select the URL name of your checkout page in Router Name.


In the fields Displaysection

  • To allow customers to leave comments about the order, set Show Order Comment to Yes.
  • To display a discount code box with a discount code, set Show Discount Code to Yes.


The Newsletter section:

  • To enable customers to sign up for the newsletter via the checkout page, set Show Subscribe Newsletter to Yes.
  • To automatically check the Newsletter Sign Up Box, set Auto Check to Yes.


In the Tracking address by Google section:

  • Google will enable tracking address by Google. This will allow the Google Suggest to pre-fill the customer’s country, state and city.
  • To determine which countries will apply auto-suggesting customer addresses, use Tracking address from Applicable Country. To apply this function to all countries, you can either choose All Allowed Countries or select Specific Countries.

The admin must pay Google Maps for the address auto-complete feature to be activated.


In the Delivery Date section:

  • To allow customers to select the best delivery date and time, set Show Delivery Date to Yes.
  • To display a Delivery comment box or hide it, set Show Delivery Comment to Yes.


In the Gift message section:

  • To allow customers to send a gift note to the recipient, set Show Gift Message on Order level to Yes.


In the gift wrap section:

  • To allow customers to request gift wrap, set Enable to Yes.
  • In Type: This is defaulted to Per Order because it currently supports gift wrapping for each order.
  • Gift Wrap Fee: You have the option to set a price for your gift wrapping service. The value of the gift wrap would be 0.

This is how to create the Magento one-step checkout extension using BSS.


We have provided detailed instructions on how Magento 2 can create a one-step checkout.

We highly recommend Magento 2 One-Step Checkout by BSS to have a better checkout experience.

We hope you find this blog helpful.

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