25 Oprah Winfrey quotes on hard work, success & wealth

Oprah Winfrey (American celebrity and philanthropist) is a well-known celebrity speaker. Her net worth is more than $2.5billion. These Oprah Winfrey quotes can inspire you and help your business.

These 25 Oprah quotes will inspire you about hard work, success, money, and how to motivate others:

Oprah Winfrey Quotes about Hard Work

1. The big secret to life is that there is no secret at all. No matter what your goal, you can achieve it–as long you are open with yourself about the work and preparation involved. There are no shortcuts or free passes. It’s you and this moment.
– Oprah.com

2. “I knew that I had planted the seeds of my life’s purpose and meaning. My ‘job’ was over and I found my calling.
– Discovering your Life’s Purpose and Direction:

3. “Passion keeps the fire of purpose burning bright.”
– O The Oprah Magazine

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4. “My goal in life is to serve a greater cause.”
– O The Oprah Magazine

5. Your job may not be fulfilling all the time. You might feel bored on some days. You might not feel like working on certain days. Keep going regardless, remembering that your job does not define you, but what you do on the path to becoming who you want to be.
– Oprah’s commencement speech to the University of Southern California Annenberg

6. “Your calling doesn’t come from someone telling you. It is what you feel. It is a part your life force. It’s the thing that gives you energy. It is the thing you are supposed to do. It is something that you know. It is something you know within yourself.”
– Oprah’s commencement speech to Howard University

7. “It’s an opportunity for us all to reflect not only on the progress we’ve made, which is great, but also on what we have done and the work ahead.
– Oprah’s speech at the 50th anniversary March on Washington

8. “You are still here, you have another chance today to improve and be better, another opportunity to be more of who and what you were meant to be.”
– Oprah’s Stanford University lecture

9. “If you do one thing each day, you will be building your own legacy.”
– Oprah’s speech to the Global Citizen Festival

Oprah Winfrey Quotes about Success

10. “I believe that every moment is a building block, another step on your journey to becoming who you were meant to be and who you want to become.”
– Reader’s Digest

11. “The No. Intention is the No. 1 principle that governs my life.”
– A conversation with Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn

12. “The answers will keep coming as you live a full life, if only you are open to seeing them for what they really are and what they can become.”
– O The Oprah Magazine

13. “The truth is that success is a process. Ask anyone who has been successful.”
– Oprah’s commencement speech to Colorado College

14. “I don’t just want to be successful in this world. I don’t just want to make a mark or leave a lasting legacy. I want to be the best, most authentic version of myself as an individual.

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– Oprah’s commencement speech to Spelman College

15. “Everyone who is still unsure of where they want to go next should ask this question: “How can I be used to the greater service of life?” I promise you that the answer will be given and you will be rewarded with fulfillment. This is the main definition for success for me.
– Oprah’s Commencement Speech at Smith College

16. Failure is not possible. Failure is simply life trying to take us in another direction.
– Oprah’s commencement speech at Harvard University

17. “This is what my experience has shown me: you don’t get what your heart desires, and you won’t even get what it hopes for.” You only get what you believe.”
– Oprah’s speech to Essence Festival

18. “Don’t hold on to anything, just wish for it. Want it. It should come from your intention of true truth for you. Then let it go. It will be yours if you let it go.
– Conversation With Gwyneth Patrow for Goop Podcast

Oprah Winfrey Quotes about Wealth

19. “I worked and consciously aspired to be wealthy, but to be surrounded with beautiful things.”
– O The Oprah Magazine

20. 20. You know that if you have lots of shoes, it doesn’t take up much of your life. Living a life full of substance is possible. Your service can provide substance.”
– Oprah’s commencement speech to Agnes Scott College

21. 21. You want money and meaning. Your work should be meaningful. Because meaning is the key to real life richness. You want to surround yourself with people you love and trust. This is when you will truly be rich.
– Oprah gives the commencement speech at Stanford University

22. 22.
– O The Oprah Magazine

23. 23. You must take care of yourself. You must eat well.
Conversation at Stanford Graduate School of Business

24. Money is essential if you want to do the actual work. However, I believe the most important thing is to have earned the trust of the people. I consider it the most important thing in the world to have the trust of people.
– Conversation about the “Van Jones Show.”

25. 25.
– Oprah.com

Bottom line

Oprah Winfrey is known as the “Queen” of all media. She loves to share her love for work and the life experiences that have made her who she has become. Many people find inspiration in her wisdom and advice, which can help them overcome their challenges and become successful. These Oprah Winfrey quotes will help you to achieve your goals.