3 Trends that will drive customer experience in 2021 from Movable Ink

3 Trends that will drive customer experience in 2021 from Movable Ink

As remote work continues, customer experience is a top priority for almost all brands. So, what trends are driving customer experience and engagement this year? MovableInk was our partner and we had the opportunity to talk with them about their market experiences and share some of our best practices.

In this interview, Shannon Cook, Movable Ink’s Director of Go-to-Market Enablement for Mobile Channel, shares customer engagement insights and strategies for marketers to take advantage of to improve their brand’s customer experience in 2021.

Personalization is still a hot topic. What strategies should marketers consider for 2021 in order to improve customer experience?

There are two major trends in personalization we are noticing this year. The first is mobile usage and apps. 53% of brands currently use rich push notifications for personalized messages to their customers. Brands have the opportunity to show consumers rich push as they become more familiar with mobile shopping and eCommerce.

The second is around API integration with email and mobile personalization. 2020 was all about supply chain and irregular inventory. Many industries, including electronics, essential goods and outdoor brands, saw unexpected growth. Herein, APIs can help marketers with real-time personalization stories that keep consumers up-to-date on store inventory, popular items, or the latest product reviews.

This is just one way that brands can use APIs to personalize their marketing, but it shows how better use of marketing tech can help build trust between consumer and brand.

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Brands focus on retention in 2021


Mobile is becoming more important. Are there any strategies you believe brands will use to improve customer experience this year?

Mobile marketing makes it easier for brands to personalize in-app messages and notifications. Those that have not incorporated non-text elements into personalized notifications, will catch up this year. Mobile shopping is becoming more sophisticated and consumers expect a unique experience for their customers.

Consumers expect brands to personalize their experience

When considering 1:1 notifications or in-app messages, there are two things you should keep in mind. First, invite your product team and brand’s app designer into these conversations. Marketing often assumes that everyone at the company feels the same way and places a high value on personalization. If your mobile marketing plans don’t include conversations with all stakeholders responsible for the app, these plans may be ineffective. It is important to avoid hitting major internal roadblocks before launching a new strategy.

Data integration is the second aspect of mobile marketing that will make 2021 a great year for customer service. Data integration was a challenge for marketing teams in the past. They had to be able to connect their martech stack with customer data via the app platform. As tools that use disparate data sources improve, this is becoming much easier.







What will the COVID-19 pandemic do to customer engagement and customer experiences by 2021?

Last year was extremely difficult. We are hopeful that there will be signs of improvement in the economy and evidence that the pandemic has subsided. However, consumers remain cautious about overspending. The majority of people will trust brands that they know and trust. No matter if they are in industries like streaming or hotels, most brands will depend on their existing customers to help them rebound this year.

We anticipate a surge in loyalty/rewards program communications. It is safe to reward loyal customers for their loyalty. This will help in accelerating economic recovery. Personalizing the programs that incentivize customer spending makes everything feel more like a partnership than a transactional relationship.


Brands are expected to meet high standards by consumers. Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity for you to show that you care about them and earn their trust. Brands’ focus on the customer experience is not going away, if anything it IS becoming even more of a priority for 2021. Marketers need to continue to place the customer’s needs first and create the best experience possible for every customer.