Six Creative Ways To Say Thank You For Customer Purchases

Six Creative Ways To Say Thank You For Customer Purchases

It’s one of the best ways to build a relationship with customers as they go through your customer journey. Although it’s easy, very few companies take the time to truly thank their customers.

Ecommerce businesses must find their moment of opportunity in order to stand out from established competitors. It is rarely possible to compete on efficiency or price. New and growing stores have distinct advantages, such as brand, product and customer support.

Companies that are focused on providing meaningful customer experiences will be able to compete with the giants on loyalty and word-of-mouth, win over the rest and claim their place in the market.

It is important to thank customers for purchasing products. 68% of customers have left businesses because they feel indifferent. Nearly half of US consumers believe customer appreciation to be an essential part of providing exceptional care.

It is important to be sincere and personal in your thank you notes to customers. This will help show the human side of your brand and create connections.

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Show customer appreciation by doing so

Customer appreciation is the art and science of showing gratitude to your customers. Customers appreciate a consistent, unselfish approach to engagement. You can send valued customers exclusive deals or thank you letters for first purchases.

Simple gestures of gratitude can make a difference in customer satisfaction and how people view your company. This can be seen in the form of purchases. 86% buyers are willing to spend more for great customer service.

When implementing customer appreciation, the following are the three goals:

  • Keep customers loyal.As described byHarvard Business ReviewIt can be up to 25 times more expensive to get a new customer. It’s smart to keep as many customers as you can.
  • More profitable customersSatisfied customers spend less on average and have more fun. Research byBain & CompanyProfits can be increased by as much as 25% to 95% with a retention increase of 5%.
  • Positive word-of mouth marketing is when customers speak highly of your brand.92% of customersRecommendations from family and friends are the best form of advertising. This will result in higher referral rates for you business.

Companies that provide better customer service are more successful than their counterparts. It’s easy to show appreciation and build relationships with customers.

How to say thank you to your customers

It doesn’t have to be difficult to send the perfect thank-you message. It doesn’t take much to send the perfect thank you. A study done by TD Bank showed that 60% of respondents felt that appreciation should be expressed by directly thanking the person, and 44% believed that thank-yous should be personal.

Customers will see that there is a human behind the scenes.

Customers should not expect anything in return for their gratitude. Don’t ask customers to share on social media. And don’t push them to buy. Express your gratitude to them for being loyal customers and putting their trust in you to deliver. It’s enough to establish a relationship.

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1. Whom are you expressing gratitude?

Although it might seem overwhelming or disingenuous to thank each customer for every order, as your business grows, it will become impossible to manage everything by yourself . It can be useful to divide customers into groups you want to prioritize.

You can blow your budget by giving out expensive gift packages with for every order. Segmenting customers with high value can help to cement a positive relationship. These are some ways to group customers for different levels of thank-yous.

  • Every customer
  • Every repeat client
  • Anybody who has written in support
  • Birthday wishes from customers
  • Customers with high-value products
  • Loyalty program customer members

2. 2. Set a budget

Your customers will determine the budget you have for your thank-you program. Even if you want to express gratitude to all your customers, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to create moments that delight.

Gary Vaynerchuk wrote The Thank You Economy: “It is not the money that makes these efforts astonishing and awesome, but the care and creativity involved.” Sometimes, frugal wows can be just as effective in creating that connection.

Below are some examples of cost-effective and simple ways to show your appreciation for customers.

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3. 3. Create a repeatable process

Depending on whether you are sending out swag or a thank-you note in every box, you will need to establish a process that can be repeated so customers receive those thank you notes. Although it doesn’t need to be automated or automated, structuring the process will ensure that it happens.

To create moments of genuine joy, you don’t have to spend a lot.

Provide a way for your team to thank customers if they are part of your company. You could use a Google form to do this, or you might have a Friday afternoon session where handwritten cards are being made.

This culture of gratitude is created by involving the whole team in these moments of joy.


Six ways to thank customers

Although creativity and smart decision-making are key to delight, there are still simple ideas that you can use.

Here are six ways to spread gratitude if you need a little help. We will also give you a few examples from businesses who go above and beyond for their customers.

  1. Send handwritten thanks notes
  2. Package inserts
  3. Offer Free samples or gifts
  4. Make personal connections with
  5. Get post-purchase discounts
  6. Highlight your customers

1. Handwritten thank you notes

This is an effective way to show appreciation to your customers. A personalized thank-you note shows that you are a human behind the scenes.

Because thank you notes are a lost art, they can be very effective. You can think back to the last time you wrote a letter rather than sending an email or a message on Facebook. These mediums can be extremely efficient, but handwritten cards go beyond the digital inboxes’ ephemeral nature and create something tangible and meaningful.

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These are the five steps to writing a perfect thank-you note.

Thank for for your purchase template

Let’s take a look at some examples handwritten notes that customers can appreciate.

John’s Crazy Socks

A brand that calls itself “a business built upon love” understands the importance of making a connection. Customers almost always receive a personal, handwritten note with every order of socks.

Source: Twitter


Every order of new slides from online store Nalu receives a handwritten thank-you note. This includes a DIY notecard and visuals from Nalu’s spring campaign to excite and build excitement for the upcoming products.

Source: Twitter

Epic Provisions

A handwritten note can be a great way to resolve difficult customer service interactions. Epic Provisions followed-up with the customer who was unhappy about a recent order. They made a friend for life and said, “Best customer service!”

Source: Twitterdraft order


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It says it all on the card: ZULZ Bag Co. To welcome customers to the ZULZ family, she likes to include a handwritten card or stickers with orders.

Source: Twitter


Julia Alena was not expecting much when she contacted Chewy customer support. She got the resolution she needed, but she also received hand-drawn illustrations featuring her dogs. This is more than just handwritten notes. It probably made Chewy a client for life.

Chewy's customer support example

Although handwriting a note with each order is not feasible, you can set a monthly goal either for yourself or your team. Brandon Eley, founder and CEO of 2BigFeet explains how he makes sure he contacts as many customers possible. “It is my goal to send 1000 cards each year which works out at just four cards per weekday.

Your entire team should be involved to create a culture that is grateful for your customers.

After you have replied to a customer or received a special order or on a holiday, you might send thank-you cards. You don’t have to include a card with the order.

You can send thank you notes to your customers using a service such as Touchcard or Postable to speed up the process. You can send one-off thank you notes or invest more in this idea. There are many online options to source quality cards that will brighten your customers’ mailboxes. These include Lovepop, Galison and E. Frances, Burro Goods and Paper Luxe are all built on Shopify.

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2. Incorporate package inserts

A great way to express gratitude is to add something small to an order as it’s about to go out. This is a great way to show your appreciation by adding a small gift to an order that’s already been shipped.

Packaging inserts aim to exceed customer expectations. Customers look forward to unboxing their product. With a little effort, they are ready to be “delighted”. You can also add value to your order with beautiful how-to guides and upsells.

Here are some standout examples of stores that understand the importance of surprising customers.

Frank Body

The Frank Body brand stands out because it is all about beautiful bodies. The package insert is included with body scrub orders. It reinforces the brand and offers simple instructions. Customers are encouraged to keep in touch via social media.

Frank Body package insert

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Grilla Grills

Grilla Grills offers online sales of smokers and grills. Every order includes a few free gifts such as thank you stickers, koozies and even a handwritten note that will bring a smile to customers’ faces.

Grilla Grills package insert

You can make package inserts as specific or as broad as you want. Keep a stack of them next to your order packsers, and one in every box. Do you need to stockpile package inserts? These providers offer high-quality flyers, business cards and stickers.


Promotional material or business cards

3. Offer free samples or gifts

Customers love a free sample. A small gift or sample can be included with an order to show appreciation.

You can surprise and delight customers with free samples. They also show something that the customer hasn’t tried before. You might see them buy it in their next order if they like it. To make sure they like it, match the sample as closely as possible to their customer’s profile.

Beardbrand offers a few samples of its best-selling products to customers who wish to place larger orders.

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4. Video can be used to make personal connections

You can even make a personal thank you video for customers if you really want to go one step further. Videos are personal and it is impossible to fake them. Your customer will know how much work you have put in.

No matter what medium you use, it doesn’t matter how personal or thoughtful. It does not matter how genuine your thanks are.

Because personalized videos are manual and time-consuming, they can appear very thoughtful. You can send videos as an follow-up to customers after purchase or as a separate interaction. Videos are great for holidays and special occasions where you can be creative.

Popov Leather

Ryan Popoff, the founder and creator of the brand, creates a video for every customer. These videos aren’t scripted but are warm and inviting and show the humanity behind the brand. It’s clear that you are not getting a mass-produced item.

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Wistia has a video signature which features an introduction to themselves. These can be easily adapted to make thank-you videos for receipts and sent out during holidays.

If you want to test how customers respond, videos are a great way to do so. You can be creative with how you thank customers by using videos. There are so many options. These are some tools that you can use to quickly create personalized videos.

5. 5.

Loyal customers can be rewarded with coupons and discounts. This will keep them returning while also thanking them for their business. While discounts can be difficult to train customers to wait for offers, it is possible to send a discount to new customers. This will encourage them to make another purchase.

Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research offers 15% discount on customers’ next orders.

discount code for purchase from Outdoor Research

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Julep offers a subscription to a makeup kit and offers a bonus for customers who want to stock up.

Julep post purchase discount example

It can be difficult to write copy for coupons. You don’t want your coupon to appear pushy or trying to sell you something. To promote the exclusivity and value of your coupon, use words like:

  • Only for you
  • As a token of appreciation…
  • You get a customer perk!
  • Our loyal customers

You can send discounts separately, in a package insert or in a thank-you email. Use a unique coupon code to track the effectiveness of discounts.

6. 6.

It’s a great way for you to show your appreciation of your customers.

To elevate your brand over the rest, build strong customer relationships.

UGC (user-generated content) is especially popular in creative industries because customers depend on exposure to grow their audience. Hairdressers, for example, love being featured on Instagram. A shout-out on Twitter and on a blog is a great way to promote small businesses. It can increase their credibility and help them gain clients. It can also create a relationship between you and them.

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Luxurious Hair

Luxy hair‘s user-generated material has many benefits. Sharing beautiful images helps clients to build their brand.

LuxyHair user generated content

Wool and the Gang

WATG is likely to share the knitting projects of its customers on Instagram. Its customers love it and it gives its Instagram feed a more community feel.

Create a hashtag for customers to use in their posts. This will help you find great content. Ask the owner permission before sharing any content.

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Wool and The Gang user generated content

Templates to say “Thank You” for purchasing

Once you’re clear about what a business thank you should look like, let us now see some templates that you can use to thank customers for their orders.

Coupon code

This template can be used after a first purchase to encourage customers to return to your store and buy more. While it is standard to give 10% coupons, you can do whatever works best for your company.

We are so grateful for your order. It is greatly appreciated.

Get 10% off your next order with the coupon code THANKYOU10

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Graphic of a thank you for your purchase note to a customer with a coupon code


You can use the follow-up template not only to thank your customer but also to find out how they feel about their purchase. If you wish, you can also add a review request or a coupon to the email.

Hey, [FIRST NAME]. Are you settled in yet? It has been [NUMBER DAYS] since you started your [BRAND NAME] adventure. We want to hear how you’re doing.

Graphic of a thank you for your purchase note to a customer to follow up

Received your order

This email template informs customers that you are working on their order, and thanks them for making a purchase.

Thank you, [FIRST NAME] Your order has been received and is looking great. We will send an email to you when the order ships.

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A template to thank a customer for their order


The message is similar to the coupon thank-you card template but it’s more friendly and warm. You can reward them with a gift certificate for a recent purchase.

We appreciate your support. We think you are pretty amazing. Below is a reward that you can use to show your gratitude during your next visit. Enjoy!

Template of a thank you for your purchase note to a customer to offer them a reward for being loyal

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Thank yous are a big deal

There are many ways to show your appreciation and delight customers after a purchase. The key to expressing gratitude is to be genuine, thoughtful, and personal. Customers and people generally appreciate a sincere thank-you, but not insincerity.

Creating connections with customers becomes easier when you are grateful. These customer relationships will allow you to rise above your competition.