9 Ways ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics Boosts Productivity for Online Retail Teams

For a brand, tracking online distribution channels can be a hassle. Online retail teams should regularly go to the sites they’re selling on to make sure that all accessibility, price, content and search metrics are where they need to be. The frequent pain is that it might take hours to browse through these product pages as soon as your brand has a large distribution system. You can opt to bypass the process, but you could lose out on sales — and wind up with unhappy clients.

ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics simplifies the monitoring of online retailers so you do not have to do it yourself. It increases productivity and efficiency for the whole e-commerce team. Here are nine ways ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics can frequently save your online retail group a few hours of tedious and repetitive manual work.

1. Real-Time Tracking: Assess the state of your marketplace immediately

Simply checking all of your online retailers for out-of-stocks or fresh price changes could have a complete day. That is why online retail teams or e-commerce teams frequently assign a staff member to the task of manually checking all of the sites.

How about allowing ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics do this for you? We can offer an extensive summary of your distribution channels when you’re sipping your morning cup of java! Your team will have the ability to see all your products’ performance in your favorite online retailers, in real time. Our high-tech technology continuously updates information on your product pages, so you will have more time to cultivate your sales connections.

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ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics Real-Time Tracking 2. Retailer Evaluation: Prepare QBRs in a flash

How frequently do you run quarterly business reviews? This timeless joke never gets old because it still applies. You might know which you will need to catch up with your purchaser at that online merchant, but you postpone it because there’s so much to do. You don’t have sufficient time to collect all of the information and compose that quarterly report prior to the meeting.

Here is how ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics will help speed up the preparation:

  • Price evolution: Looking at how prices changed over the past 3 weeks can help you prepare for your discussion on margins.
  • Retailer analysis: In just a couple seconds, it is possible to check a merchant’s compliance with your distribution arrangement.”
  • Contest benchmark: Is your merchant restocking your rivals’ products more frequently than yours? ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics enables you to track your competitors’ products, providing you with proof to back up your discussions.











Letting us care for your QBR keeps your assembly quick and efficient.

ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics Retailer Evaluation 3. ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics Report: Review weekly progress at a glance

A weekly report works just like a debrief about the continuing tasks of the group. Additionally, it points out the issues at your internet retailers, like out-of-stocks, sudden price drops or negative reviews. As your distribution system grows, the more complicated it becomes to the online retail group to get in touch with each site — increasing the probability of overlooking a problem.

How about telling us exactly how you want your report? Your ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics Report is created automatically, so you can pick out all of the essential elements that you wish to include and establish a schedule. We’ll instantly generate your report with all the online retailers that you care about and send it directly to your inbox.

“Brand Analytics helps me keep an eye on my main supply metrics. Whenever I notice a issue, I pass it on to the sales staff and they tackle it with the merchant.” — Nathalie Wan, Sales Analyst, Netatmo

4. Automated Notifications: Stop Trying to Find distribution mishaps manually

Despite considerable progress in the growth of e-commerce, gaps between retailers and brands stay — and may cause lost revenue and opportunity. Some vendors might not be notified if their products sell out. And a few buyers are simply too busy to put new orders. And a few buyers are simply too busy to put new orders. Distribution issues, like out-of-stocks or lost purchase boxes and add on cords, can catch you by surprise.

On the ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics dashboard, you can set up alarms for any supply mishaps across all of the online retailers. You can immediately assess the situation and fix it.

Avoid surprises that cost you a sale — and fortify your business associations.

ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics Notification

“I use ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics daily to monitor my online prices, availability and testimonials. In two minutes, I will see if there’s a problem in my supply online.” — E-Commerce Account Manager and Business Analyst, Mayborn Group

5. ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics Extension: Boost your daily workflow efficiency

Are you using some price tracking extensions in your browser to aid your everyday workflow? Some extensions can allow you to monitor current price and background, but these extensions aren’t specifically made for e-commerce professionals, requiring you to manually select out the indicators that you require.

Knowing these struggles, we assembled a browser extension especially for e-commerce professionals with no time to waste. It seamlessly integrates highly contextual insights into your everyday workflow. Here’s What the ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics extension provides (and the reason why it could become your everyday favorite tool):

  • Real-time prices and inventory levels
  • 30-day median price
  • Complete pricing history
  • Full availability history









ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics Extension

6. Price History: Instantly understand price movements

Prices are a hassle to monitor, especially now that many online retailers utilize dynamic pricing. Do you have to check a marketing started on time? Do you want to discover which online merchant dropped the price ? In both cases, if you don’t have someone checking the prices many times every day, you won’t find the solution.

With ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics, as a result of the pricing history feature, you are able to know what happened in only a minute. Our data refresh in a high frequency, so that you can see the changes instantly. Plus it’s easy to return to the specific time change of any price movement.

ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics Price History7. Content Performance: Submit your content plan at scale

Content is a powerful driver of growth, conversion and adoption. Your company invests time and money into producing quality product descriptions and shoots to make that high search position, but sadly, broken images and titles that are poor still happen. One solution to this challenge would be to manually track the product pages. But even smallish brands might have countless e-commerce product pages from an assortment of online retailers, which are impossible to manually assess on a regular basis.

With Content Performance, Brand Analytics automatically scans the content of your product pages that will assist you track three important areas: implementation, consistency and compliance.

ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics Content Performance8. Automated Review Notifications: accelerate review reading

Regularly following up with ratings and reviews is a fulltime job. Your staff works hard to prioritize the comments from newly launched products while regularly monitoring each the others. When customer input from a new effort identifies issues, like a technical problem or incorrect messaging, more effort is necessary.

ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics collects your product reviews at scale and automatically alerts you about new reviews and evaluations. Your team won’t have to spend additional hours catching up with new reviews. Our API plugin also supports raw data collection for full-scale opinion analysis and other market research purposes.

ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics Review Tracking 9. Brand Trends: Immediately monitor merchandise existence

We understand how important it is for brands to receive their goods on the first page of their search results. Online retail teams need to plan for it from keyword positioning to discussion. Despite your attempts to stand out, the competition is always tough. There are constantly new entrants along with your direct competitors will also be trying to dominate that first page of their search results.

With ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics, you will have what it takes to step into the conflict, fully conscious of the current market situation at any moment. You will gain insights to each of the dominant brands’ products on the first page of their search results, which will give you insights into their real-time keyword strategies and permit you to review your existing strategy. We do this analysis for you, so you can make better decisions to win this top-ranking position at any merchant.