An all-in-one marketplace for local retailers

Many retailers turned to online marketplaces to boost brand awareness and sales, particularly during the pandemic. Although this might seem like a great idea for some businesses it is not for all. Amazon and other marketplace giants make it very difficult for brands to expand their reach due to fierce competition and the requirement for large advertising budgets. Lowkler, an online marketplace that focuses on indie businesses selling their products, is unique.

A new movement to support the local economy

We are preparing to launch the project in the summer 2021LowklerThis platform will promote local merchants and provide convenience and variety for customers, much like Amazon or Walmart. Lowkler, unlike the large companies, does not own warehouses. Instead, it will use the local network of retailers to seamlessly serve customers and encourage them to interact with merchants in their area.

Danny Zako co-founder of the online marketplace stated, “Ultimately, Lowkler’s idea is that it should become a movement.” There are feminists and environmentalists. However, there is no term for those who support the local economic. This is what we need in 2021 more than ever.

Lowkler has been a dynamic idea for many years. Zako’s dad owned a small, but highly successful grocery store in his neighborhood. He saw his sales drop year after year when grocery stores opened with extended hours. He created this online marketplace because we expect variety, accessibility, ease of use, and convenience in today’s world. It provides a simple shopping experience that is powered only by local businesses.

How it works

Lowkler’s goal is to be a local business-only marketplace, similar to Amazon. Lowkler allows consumers to search for specific products and support local businesses. They can also find what they need on the platform without worrying about shipping it from an overseas warehouse. After the search has been completed and the product is found, three prices will appear. The first is for local pickup; the second is for delivery to local addresses; and the final price is for shipping from UPS to the consumer.

Customers can fill out their profiles by adding information about where they live, how they travel, and how far they’re willing to travel, regardless of whether it is in miles or minutes. Zako explained that this will allow local pickup options for certain products within the parameter. Merchants can let buyers know when they sign up for the platform if their products will be available for pickup or delivery locally.

Lowkler will generate reports at the end of each month of all products sold via shipping options. This information will be given to retailers to help them determine which products are most popular in their area. This system allows businesses to communicate with each other to determine what’s selling and adjust their shipping options. The goal is to keep the cycle going and create a strong and vibrant community.

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Simple and affordable setup

Our model is simple and straightforward. We charge a flat 7 % commission fee and a 3 % payment processing fee for credit card transactions. Zako stated that onboarding and support are completely free. Retailers can register as many products they wish without additional fees. We are working on tools that will make this process easier. We offer a scanning capability to allow you to quickly scan your items and upload them to the platform. Additionally, we have an inventory management system. Our system will allow retailers to manage their inventory and manage the products that they sell on the platform.

How to leverage Amazon Prime Day

We all know Amazon is the leader in ecommerce. Amazon is so dominant that they have created their own two-day shopping event. This year, it will take place from June 21-22, 2021. Amazon Prime Day began in 2015 as an exclusive shopping event for Amazon Prime members. It has expanded to include multiple days and early deals leading up Amazon Prime Day.

The highly anticipated event draws millions of shoppers who are looking for deals on electronics, home decor, and fashion. Over $10 billion in goods was sold in 2020, up 45 percent from the $7.16 billion in 2019. According toRetailMeNot54% of retailers also planned promotions for Prime Day. Experts at Liger Partners say that smart businesses are using Prime Day to increase their visibility and sales.

Prime Day might seem to be a waste of time for some business owners. The event is primarily about Amazon’s sales growth. Eric Holtzclaw (chief visionary partner) said that many businesses sell through Amazon while maintaining other sales channels like their ecommerce websites.Liger Partner. It is a great strategy to leverage Prime Day, even if it doesn’t work for you.Do notYou can sell on Amazon by setting up your own sales and incentive programs.

Liger Partners shares the following tips to help you grow your business, increase sales, shine your brand and make it stand out on Amazon Prime Days.

  • Get Ready.If you are alreadySell on AmazonPrime Day (or planning to) is a great way to promote your business and products to a large number of consumers and buyers looking for deals. Amazon wants third-party sellers on Prime Day to succeed, so make sure you take advantage of all the resources and tools available.
  • TimeWatch. Each year, prime day dates change. To help you improve your sales strategy, we offer the following resources:Increasing SalesTheirdedicated pageof information for third-party sellers selling on Amazon. In the lead up to the event, the company promotes #PrimeDay. This hashtag can be used to promote your products and business on social media in order to get Prime Day customers.
  • Participate. Even if your products are not sold on Amazon, Take part in Prime Day. Many businesses have their own sales that coincide with Amazon Prime Day. Although you can’t use “Prime Day” if your business is not an Amazon seller but you can tie your promotions to the day of deals by using creative methods without mentioning it.
  • Appreciate.Your membership audience should be recognized, just like Amazon does. What business’ unique Prime members does it identify? Let them know why you value their business and how they are eligible for special deals without paying for membership. Last year,Walmart, Target, Best BuyAll of the above had huge sales on Amazon Prime Day. Participants did not need a membership. You can attract new customers by appealing to your audience and knowing them.
  • Get it. Stock up on the most in-demand items and ensure that you have enough staff. You can use sales data from the past to identify which products will sell most quickly and ensure that you have enough inventory to meet demand.
  • Make it or break it! Despite all your planning and analytics, stock can still run low. Offer a “raincheck” to clients so that they can still receive the Prime Day deal if you are able.
  • Get in on the Knowledge. Amazon hypes Prime Day well in advance. You should do the same with your sale, regardless of whether you participate in Prime Day or hold your own (coinciding). If you have a brick and mortar location, post information about the sale on your company website, social media, or onsite signage. Ask brand ambassadors (loyal clients, employees, vendors and friends, family, etc.) to share your information. To generate buzz, ask your brand ambassadors (loyal customers, employees, vendors and friends) to share your information on their social media channels. You can highlight the fact that Amazon customers don’t need a subscription in order to take part in your amazing sale, even if you aren’t selling through Amazon.
  • Get Ready to Go. You must ensure that your sale is successful. This will allow you to send more visitors to your website than the average. Make sure to check every page for typos, broken links, incorrect pricing or product information. You should also ensure that your ecommerce functionality can handle an increase in sales. You want to attract new customers to your website so make sure it is easy and error-free. To catch any problems you might have missed, ask a friend or colleague to double-check your site.
  • Take advantage of the Prime Day hangover. Imagine this: You have been trying for months to get half-price tickets to a concert, but they are gone before you can buy them. Then someone offers you to buy your concert tickets right now — most likely at any price. Post-Prime Day is the same. You can still catch those who missed Amazon’s Prime Day deals if you extend your sale for a few days after it ends. To attract customers still searching for deals, you might set your sale to end one day after Amazon’s.

Prime Day on Amazon has become a hot commodity, much like Cyber Monday and Black Friday. It offers great deals for anyone looking for good deals. Holtzclaw stated that businesses should benefit from this annual event. They can either work with Amazon or go it alone with strategically timed sales incentives and sales. After the COVID-19 pandemic, it is especially important to increase sales. This is a great time to generate some revenue. So take advantage of it.”

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