ASSA ABLOY & Solteq start a new era in global teamwork

Our ability to work together is the key to humankind’s great history. Solteq and ASSA ABLOY are taking global teamwork to a new level. If people can work together, why should there be customer and supplier sides to a business?

You can feel extraordinary energy and drive on a Thursday morning at Solteq’s Jyvaskyla Office in the Middle of Finland. The coffee pot is nearly empty, and there is quite a lot of noise. You can find the reason in the corner of the meeting room.

There are so many people in the room that they almost shout out, and everyone is talking and laughing. A kick-off meeting was held for Assa Abloy’s digital and eCommerce experts. Anthony from Connecticut, Thomas, Dawid, and others from Wroclaw are all present – a happy, focused, and cohesive group of people that fits perfectly into one space.

The best collaboration has only one goal

Solteq and Assa Abloy have been working together for years building global e-commerce sites. The team is currently creating new online stores in local areas, but they also create new features and solutions to meet future business needs.

Although cooperation is always successful, the supplier/customer relationship has its limits. Imagine the situation in which the customer reports a problem to the supplier and does not know their resources. The supplier might not have the resources to solve the problem. It is difficult to draw on their vast expertise when there is no greater vision of the collaboration.

Assa Abloy’s Global EBusiness Manager was launched just over a year ago.Thomas FihlmanGot an idea?

This is a bad situation. Everyone involved would benefit from the same attitude and view towards their daily workloads and larger goals.

We don’t believe there are Solteq and Assa Abloy employees. Instead, we see one team that enhances the customer experience at Assa Abloy. Commitment will be enhanced by sharing common goals and working together. A joint effort has the potential to reduce delays and overruns, but it will also be more enjoyable for all involved.

Solteq Senior ConsultantJari MakelaThis type of cooperation is increasing in the IT sector, believes.

Customers want a team of developers close to their customers, who can even work at customer premises. It is easier to get specialists involved in the same goals. However, it is impossible to be at the same location in global companies. This type of global cooperation is more effective when people get to know one another and feel comfortable saying “Good morning” in a shared chat channel.

F2F meetings can benefit global teamwork

People from all over the globe were able to meet up in Jyvaskyla during these autumn days.

Team members are working together to rethink and improve their work relationships. One of the main themes is team communication, which involves fluent interaction with partners. When team members aren’t physically present in the same place but work on different continents, tools and practices can play an important role.

Anthony FilardoAssa Abloy’s Global IT Project and Manager for Implementation flew from Connecticut to Jyvaskyla. He wouldn’t trade it for any other flight or travel time, even though it was a long journey.

It was essential to me that I be there. It’s amazing to meet people face to face. Everything seems to flow more smoothly. It is a way to build a connection and create relationships. Digital interaction is easier because all names that appear on my screen now have faces and bodies.

We are more flexible as a team. We are more effective when we use our collective tools and maintain discipline. We are moving towards a world where distance and time zones will have less significance.

Three tips to improve global teamwork

  1. Share your goals with the entire team.
  2. Think about the best ways to communicate and cooperate together.
  3. To build a relationship and facilitate digital interaction, it is advisable to organize F2F meetings on a regular basis.