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Shopify Dropshipping SEO: How to rank #1

Drop shippers made the most common mistake when they first started out. They spent too much money on marketing and influencers without understanding what they were doing. Shopify Dropshipping profits are not high so getting traffic free of charge is a must for dropshipping businesses. Dropshipping is made easier by SEO. Shopify Dropping SEO is the key […]

How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway for Your Website

Introduction Your business’ success depends on your ability to adapt to new technologies and make the most of them. Your website must be updated regularly and made use of the most advanced technology. According to FinancesOnline stats, digital transactions will be worth approximately USD 5.2 trillion in 2020. Around 63% of that amount comes from eCommerce. Let’s now […]

9 Ways PWA Improves the UX of Mobile Shoppers

Think of your website as a highway. A pool of cars going at different speeds towards their own destinations.   When the road is smooth, drivers barely notice it. However, once they hit a bump, they get frustrated and might choose another highway the next time they travel. In the worst-case scenario, they will take […]

Four basic mistakes that can lead to failure in an e-commerce company

This article will discuss 4 common mistakes that lead to the failures of e-commerce businesses. It will help you start your business more efficiently with this model. E-commerce is booming with information technology. There are many failed startups in e-commerce. These are the mistakes that your e-commerce business should avoid: 1. Paying little attention to the content […]

Enhance the User Experience When Using Your Site

Customers spend the most time on the website when they shop online. It is therefore important to make your website more user-friendly. Optimized websites will increase sales and make your customers feel more comfortable. A website that is optimized will help your business better leverage potential customers’ resources. These 10 tips will help you improve your website’s user […]

2 Best Magento 2 Solutions Create One Step Checkout

You know that checkout is an essential step in any customer’s journey with eCommerce. Many customers abandon their shopping carts due to the lengthy and complicated checkout process. One-step checkout is now the preferred method of checkout. To increase conversion rates and sales, almost all online shops have simplified the checkout process to one step. You should […]

High-tech digital trends in 2022

Customers expect seamless, personalized experiences. Now is the right time to deliver. Adobe and Econsultancy partner every year to identify the top trends in digital. We spoke with 814 leaders of B2B companies this year, including 442 in the high-tech sector. Surprisingly, we found that high-tech leaders spoke of struggling to provide a high-quality digital experience for […]

5 CBD Industry Predictions For 2022

It’s clear that the cannabis industry has exploded rapidly since 2018 when hemp was made federally legal. The US Farm Bill was passed by congress and opened up the possibility for a whole new industry to emerge. CBD will grow to $7.8 billion in 2022, from production to manufacturing, sales to sales, and everything in between. The ‘green […]

Inbox Inspiration: 21 Examples of Email Marketing to Follow in 2022

source What was the last time that you checked your email? You are not the only one who answered “today” More than 80% of Americans say they check their inbox daily . A 63% majority report checking it multiple times per day. Email hasn’t slowed down despite its age. Since its inception , the number of email […]