12 Money-making Hobbies (You Most Likely Have One)

All of us have our hobbies. These are the activities we spend some time doing because they’re enjoyable or fulfill our needs. Although hobbies aren’t usually a source of income, they can be a great way to earn extra money. You can make anything you want, depending on your interests and talents. Here are 12 lucrative […]

How to sell photos online: Both amateur and professional photographers

Making money online is about harnessing your creativity and applying it towards the monetization your talents. When everyone has the latest iPhone and is a professional photographer, it can be difficult to succeed. Everyone uses free photo editing software. For most entrepreneurs who choose to venture into entrepreneurship, success comes down to these three factors: Finding your niche […]

Print on Demand: Low-Risk Method to Sell Custom T-Shirts, Books and Other Products

You can make physical products, regardless of whether you are an artist, writer or designer. T-shirts, posters, backpacks, books and more everyday items can all be customized to your liking and sold online. If you choose to buy and hold your inventory yourself, you might end up with an inordinate amount of products that don’t sell. Print-on-demand is […]

Trademark Costs: DIY Registration vs. Online Service vs. Lawyer

Trademark Costs: DIY Registration vs. Online Service vs. Lawyer A U.S. federal trademark registration will cost you between $225 to $2,000. If you file your trademark yourself, the cost will be at least $225. Online services will typically cost you $500 to register your trademark. A trademark attorney can help you estimate the cost of your trademark. Rocket […]

Low-cost Franchises: 25 Top Franchises Below $25,000

Low-cost Franchises: 25 Top Franchises Below $25,000 Many franchises have more than 100 locations across the country and start at less than $25,000. These franchises cover many industries such as fitness, cleaning, travel and food service. An LLC is preferred by many franchises. An LLC protects your assets from potential legal disputes. Rocket Lawyer provides online legal services and […]

7 Steps to Open a Franchise

Because it is easier, some entrepreneurs prefer to open a franchise over their own business. The benefits of a franchise include operational/marketing support, brand equity, and a proven track record. Franchisees, however, need to do their research and do their due diligence. We’ll help you navigate the process of opening your franchise. These are the steps you need […]

25 Oprah Winfrey quotes on hard work, success & wealth

Oprah Winfrey (American celebrity and philanthropist) is a well-known celebrity speaker. Her net worth is more than $2.5billion. These Oprah Winfrey quotes can inspire you and help your business. These 25 Oprah quotes will inspire you about hard work, success, money, and how to motivate others: Oprah Winfrey Quotes about Hard Work 1. The big secret to […]