Adobe Forecasts Continued Supply Chain Issues and Record Online Sales

Adobe Analytics has released its most recent holiday shopping forecast. The analytics firm predicts record online sales, even though supply chain challenges continue to be a challenge for retailers. In a Wednesday press release, Patrick Brown, vice-president of growth marketing and insight at Adobe said that “We’re entering another holiday season where the influenza pandemic will […]

New York City Vaccine Requirements Cause Significant Compliance Problems for Covered Retailers

On Aug. 16, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio released Executive Or 225 (the “Order”) and related guidance about the “Key to NYC” vaccination requirements for almost all patrons, employees interns volunteers and patrons who enter indoor dining, entertainment and fitness venues. These requirements require that all persons aged 12 and older show proof they have received at least […]

Retail Predictions for Holiday Season and Beyond

Many retailers will not think of 2020 as “normal” when they think about the holiday season. They might instead consider the holiday season before as “resilient” and “historic”. E-commerce has seen a surge in popularity since then. As another holiday season approaches, they will be able to combine that uniqueness with a greater consumer optimism. Despite slow […]

Interchange Tools + Standards, and the Metaverse

Source : For sequential reasons, this section is quite late in the essay. Without an ecosystem capable of using them, standards are irrelevant. This ecosystem requires hardware, compute (to power and render the Metaverse), networking (to share and deliver it), and virtual platforms (so that there are places to be and things you can do). Interchange […]

If the Metaverse is primarily driven by virtual worlds

If the Metaverse is primarily driven by virtual worlds and virtual creations rather than better smartphones, then we want to see the highest profits go to the developers of virtual platforms and those who use them. You can only access the Metaverse through hardware. Every hardware player wants to be the payment gateway or at the […]

Three Easy Ways to Create an Epic Shopify Landingpage (With Examples)

Imagine if you could convert 8 percent of your traffic. Crazy, right? It’s not impossible to achieve such high conversion rates with Shopify landing pages. According to Unbounce, the average conversion rates for landing pages that are well-designed is 9.7% (no it’s not a typo). Without further delay, let’s dive into the meaning of a landingpage, why it […]