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Interchange Tools + Standards, and the Metaverse

Source : For sequential reasons, this section is quite late in the essay. Without an ecosystem capable of using them, standards are irrelevant. This ecosystem requires hardware, compute (to power and render the Metaverse), networking (to share and deliver it), and virtual platforms (so that there are places to be and things you can do). Interchange […]

If the Metaverse is primarily driven by virtual worlds

If the Metaverse is primarily driven by virtual worlds and virtual creations rather than better smartphones, then we want to see the highest profits go to the developers of virtual platforms and those who use them. You can only access the Metaverse through hardware. Every hardware player wants to be the payment gateway or at the […]

Invoices in Retail: Everything You Need to Know

An invoice is a document that itemizes and records a transaction between the seller—you—and your customer. Invoices create an agreement between you and your customer and make sure you get paid for the products you sell. Each invoice outlines the products and amounts you sold, when, for what prices, and when payment is due. This […]

Here’s How to Calculate Your Sell-Through Rate (+ 5 Tips to Improve It)

Your sell-through rate is the percentage of your inventory sold to customers. Often calculated monthly, sell-through rates help show sales trends and how different styles and sizes of the same product fare against each other. If you want to know your customers better and minimize overstocking, calculate your sell-through rate regularly. What is a sell-through […]

How your offline business can start selling online quickly

Many businesses are unable to do business offline so it is more important than ever that they have an online presence. It’s essential to keep customers informed, increase revenue (especially if you have a closed storefront), and offer new services such as virtual pickup scheduling or virtual services. You don’t have much time or money to do […]

A Guide to Selling Wholesale With WooCommerce

It can be lucrative to sell your products wholesale at a lower bulk price than retailers. You can access new markets and geographic locations by partnering with stores that have established customer bases and distribution channels without additional marketing, storage, or shipping investment. Are you interested in selling wholesale but aren’t sure how to go about […]

WooCommerce Tech Stack: Grundens’ Global Web Manager

The Grundens fishing apparel business isn’t like your average eCommerce store. The Swedish brand has been providing gear direct to professionals for over 100 years. They recently expanded into direct-to consumer sales. Despite – or perhaps because of – the recent coronavirus epidemic, business has been very good. To learn more about Brandon Grundens Global web Manager, we […]

From the Idea to the First Customer: Solving a Problem

We discussed in the first article of this series why it is important to choose a targeted audience and how to find the right group. It was also important to identify your audience and understand their needs. Next, find a problem you can solve. Navigate the Journey Part One: Choosing an Audience Part 2: Finding the Problem to Solve Part […]