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B-to-B Ecommerce: How to Employ, Boost

The amount of midsize manufacturers and vendors implementing first ecommerce jobs is rapidly increasing. Manufacturers are using ecommerce to reach new markets, bring products to market more quickly, and protect and reinforce their brands. Distributors, whose margins and market share are being jeopardized by producers and B-to-B newcomers like, are implementing ecommerce to stay […]

How to Identify Dubious Credit Card Processing Fees, Part 1

I will not get into the particulars of the litigation — Heartland Payment Systems sued Mercury Payment Systems at U.S. District Court, alleging deceptive practices. However, merchants should understand there are no enforced business standards defining terms such as”interchange-plus pricing,””tiered pricing,””pass-through fee,””access fee,””foreign handling fee,” and a number of other terms. Also, all providers don’t […]

Working with the BCG Matrix for Ecommerce Marketing Decisions

Made to examine product lines, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix or growth-share matrix can help ecommerce business owners and entrepreneurs decide which products or product categories will probably create the best return on investment in advertising and promotion. Online retailers, especially those with a variety of product or product lines, daily make decisions about […]