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How to add online ordering to your restaurant website

Your restaurant’s online ordering is more important than ever. A recent survey showed that 33% (of consumers) said they are getting more takeout now than they did before the pandemic. 13% stated they will continue to rely upon off-premises dining even after the epidemic ends. You’re missing out if your restaurant does not have an online ordering platform. […]

Influencer marketing – How to build trust with new audiences

Social media is a surefire way to increase influencer marketing. Why? It’s a testimonial that is incredibly powerful. It’s word of mouth advertising at a large scale delivered by social media users who have huge followings and high engagement. Instead of just one person finding your reviews, thousands, if not millions, of people can learn more about your business […]

Five Tips for International Expansion

New markets can offer both tremendous opportunities and unexpected challenges. Despite the fact that the world is becoming more connected thanks to internet and air travel, there are still some cultural, economic and geographical differences. Five key factors are essential to successfully go global: Language, infrastructure and payments. Legal requirements and cultural norms are also important. […]

Here are seven tips to reach your customers in the holiday season

Retailers spend a lot of effort and time to acquire new customers. New prospects and leads are given more attention during the holiday season. That’s fine. It’s much easier to generate revenue from customers who are already in business. These seven marketing strategies will help you win repeat business this holiday season. 1. Targeted marketing helps you reach customers […]

How to choose the right WooCommerce extensions

WooCommerce is the most popular solution to add shopping functionality to WordPress sites. It has more than four millions active users. Automattic joined the family in 2015, increasing the support available and the number of extensions to help you grow your store. Although WooCommerce is a wonderful tool, having so many options can make it difficult to choose […]

Create Amazing Content for Your Service-Based Company

High-quality content is key to attracting new customers and prospects. This content can be distributed in many ways. We’ll discuss some of them in a moment. First, make sure you have the following content: Desirable Take Action It’s helpful It’s irresistible It’s important to do so promptly This is what attracts potential customers to service-based business. Why? Why? Why […]

The Buyer’s Journey doesn’t End at Checkout. Understanding the Five Steps to Making a Frictionless Purchase

ecommerce is a multi-trillion-dollar industry. It’s expected to generate $6.5 trillion in global sales by 2023. Even though the COVID pandemic has subsided, there is still a huge demand for online shopping, especially during busy holidays. Online retail is the future. However, the competition is increasing. If you don’t sell a niche product, there is a good chance you […]

These are the Best Dropshipping Products You Can Sell in 2021. And How to Market them.

Most dropshipping entrepreneurs have to choose a niche and products to focus on. It’s understandable. This is the most important decision you will make for your business. The long-term results of this decision will determine its success or failure. Dropshipping products based on passion or personal interest is the most common error at this stage. If your primary […]

Statistical and Recoverable Sales Statistics for 30+ Shopping Cart Abandonment

You’re losing money. Although we haven’t met, I know that you are losing money. Each and every day that you sell online, you could be losing customers to your website. Baymard Institute reports that 69.57% of online shopping carts have been abandoned. This is a staggering statistic. 70 percent of potential customers will abandon your company without buying. How much […]