Create Amazing Content for Your Service-Based Company

High-quality content is key to attracting new customers and prospects. This content can be distributed in many ways. We’ll discuss some of them in a moment. First, make sure you have the following content:

  • Desirable
  • Take Action
  • It’s helpful
  • It’s irresistible
  • It’s important to do so promptly

This is what attracts potential customers to service-based business. Why? Why?

Why content is important for service-based companies

You’re actually in the problem-solving industry. If solving clients’ problems takes a lot of time or highly-skilled skills, you can charge them. This is your business.

If the solution is easily produced content, it’s your business. It’s a great way to bring them into your network, your club. You’ll keep them coming back for more. When they have a larger problem that is costly, they will choose to work with you.

You will need to use other marketing methods such as search ads, SEO and social media ads if you aren’t creating problem-solving content for your target audience. This is the more difficult path. All of this becomes much easier when you have problem-solving content at your side.

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You can be a lawyer, a cleaning company, a personal coach, a financial professional or a home-repair service. If you solve problems for customers using high-quality, free content, they will reward you. You can create great content.

  • Leads and customers will find you.
  • Keep them close to you.
  • Encourage them to sign up for your mailing or email list.
  • Encourage them to pay you for your assistance.
  • Offer something other than 20% more on a sale.
  • You should be the company that they only call for help.
  • We can help you close the deal.

It’s too late to market to homeowners who need a new roof right now.

If they know the name of your company because you have given them tips about how to clean moss off their roofs, maintain gutters and know when shingles are needed replacing or repair leaks, they will call you first.

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Quality content examples

Blog posts and videos, how-to guides

A how-to guide is the best way to solve problems. Google’s most searched keyword is “How to _____”. You can easily draw people to you site by simply filling in the blank with a problem related to your business.

Next, send them demonstrations and videos. Send PDFs to their email address. Blog articles can be enhanced with diagrams and photos.

Motorcycle Tours Puerto Rico offers a gallery of videos from their tours. These videos are short, usually only a few minutes long, but they’re entertaining and fun. They are a great way for people to buy their own tours.

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Printing Brooklyn published a blog post entitled ” Trade show printing 101 Guide“. It is full of useful information, including a checklist for trade shows materials, and also links directly to the services it provides.


Surveys are great for nurturing your email list. They’re simple to create, and easy to send. Surveys show your customers that you value their opinions and care about them. It allows you to segment your customer base so that you can better market to them down the line.

Imagine a financial advisor having 10,000 clients, but knowing very little about them. The advisor can send out a survey to find out their age, income, ages, number of children, and more.

A financial advisor may then create content specifically for near-retirees and only send it to those between 55 and 65. Be mindful of the information you collect and ensure privacy compliance.


Although they look a lot like surveys, quizzes work well for lead generation (finding prospects). A quiz could be created by a gardening company and asks people to choose the right kind of yard for them. To see the results, all you need is an email.

A cybersecurity company could send out a questionnaire asking “How secure is your device?” and use it to identify prospects who require better protection.

Niche-based, problem solving content

When you start brainstorming ideas, there is no limit to the possibilities.

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Poppy Floral is a Boston-based floral design studio that publishes information about creating arrangements.

Is it strange for a florist’s staff to instruct its employees how to make their own arrangements? It isn’t. The company is seen as an ally that knows how to create beautiful bouquets. A majority of their visitors don’t have the time or desire to do it. They are looking for a design studio. Their expertise and helpfulness are what sell their content.

A tax accountant might create content on how to determine which tax return is the best for you. This is solving a problem. This is not the price they charge, but it is one item potential customers may need assistance with.

How to use service-based content

There are at most three ways you can use your content once it is created.

1. Send it out

Send an email to existing subscribers if you have an email list. Include a link to the video or blog and a landing page. Mail the offer to those who have postal addresses. It might be more effective to combine this offer with a special sale offer. Direct mail is usually more expensive. You can combine the free content with a paid subscription.

2. It should be prominently displayed on your website

Site visitors won’t find your content if you hide it. You should feature it on your homepage. Include a section for “recent posts” or “news”, a video explaining the process, and an email capture with a link to a free ebook.

Photo © / has a visual blog feed people can see when they land on their website. It is eye-catching with attractive images and has easy-to-see buttons that encourage people to continue reading.

3. Pay for ads

Advertisements can be purchased on social media, Google, specific websites or printed publications. Instead of selling products, you can sell your content. It is important to generate leads and to help others who have the problems that you solve. This will bring them into your circle.

These tips can be put into practice and applied to your niche. You’ll get more leads and customers with high-quality leads who will appreciate you and choose to do business with your service-based company when they are ready to purchase.