For more bonuses to employees, Target to spend $200M

Target announced Monday that it will spend $200,000,000 on another round of employee bonuses , and increase its coronavirus-related benefits following its holiday season. Target is one of the biggest beneficiaries of pandemic trends as shoppers consolidate their trips, buy larger baskets, and use curbside pickup. This pattern was repeated over the holidays increasing the company’s comparable sales 17.2 per cent, and its e-commerce revenues more than doubling in November and December.

Target will offer $500 bonuses to hourly workers, and $1,000-$2,000 bonuses to store directors and other leaders. Target announced that it will extend its coronavirus benefit into the new year in order to assist its employees and their families with the effects of the pandemic. This includes a waiver of its absence policy for coronavirus related illness, providing free health care via virtual doctor visits to all team members, a 30-day paid vacation for vulnerable team members and free backup care for all U.S.-based staff members. It also provides mental health support through free counseling sessions.

Total Retail’s Take: Target stated in a blog post that this was the fifth time Target has given bonuses to team members during the pandemic. Target also stated that it has increased the starting wage to $15 for U.S.-based employees. Target invested $1 billion more in team members’ safety, health, and well-being in 2020 than in 2019. We have praised Target and its leadership for their latest round of investments in its frontline employees. Target was clearly an essential retailer in the pandemic. It’s right that the company redistributes those profits to its hourly and frontline workers who risk their lives to keep the discount retail chain operational.

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Customer Service: Making Every Moment Count

The 2020 events have changed the way we live, shop, work and eat. E-commerce is becoming more popular as people rely on it for their groceries, medicine, and household necessities. This means that retailers are under increasing pressure to deliver products in lightning speed, allow easy returns, and give a complete product profile. This is in addition to the increasing demand for seamless customer service, real-time shopping and artificial intelligence-powered shopping experiences that have significantly improved customer experience.

Retail employees are expected to exceed customer expectations in order to stay competitive. They must be the face of the company. This will leave a lasting impression that will make customers loyal to the brand.

most recent sales data shows that e-commerce sales grew by 32 percent in 2020 and accounted for 14 percent total retail sales. Retailers must ensure that customers have a great experience now with e-commerce. With e-commerce growth not slowing down, Failure to do this could result in customer loss and attrition. This is due to the importance of the moments when staff and customers interact. These moments are now limited. It is crucial to provide a seamless experience for customers. Retailers can digitally empower employees to create a holistic approach that enhances customer experience and creates unique touchpoints that keep customers and employees happy.

An employee who is digitally empowered is one who:

  • Quickly and accurately answer questions about product descriptions and inventory to show passion and knowledge of the brand and improve conversion rates.
  • It provides a personal experience by allowing customers to easily access their customer information such as purchase history and preferences. This allows them to feel heard and differentiates from the rest.
  • It allows customers to click and collect seamlessly and securely, showing situational awareness and making them feel secure.
  • Saves sales by ordering out-of stock items through endless aisle platforms. This shows a willingness and ability to go beyond the call of duty and can potentially increase the order value.
  • Communicates with store associates via reliable platforms to improve efficiency, share important information and ensure that all team members have equal digital empowerment.

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A digitally empowered employee provides customers with continued value every time they visit the brand’s website or store. It also ensures that the experience is consistent and seamless.

Retailers must provide their staff with a reliable, unified platform that allows them to manage all aspects of operations. Technology solutions are a single platform that retailers can use to manage their operations. They allow for cost-effective, quick deployment and can adapt to changing customer and retailer needs. Edge computing solutions are also being used more frequently, which can open up new possibilities for advancement and innovation.

Curbside pickup is still the star of e-commerce. By combining digital and in-store experiences, retailers can delight customers at multiple touchpoints. Picking and packing employees must be equipped with the latest technology to maximize their resources and communicate inventory updates in real-time. This will ensure a seamless, safe, and personal customer interaction. This interaction can make a difference in a customer’s loyalty or brand support.

Retail knowledge and flexibility are essential in this year’s events. Employees play a key role in customer loyalty. Every moment, from the customer’s decision about browsing a store to after-purchase communication, plays a part. It doesn’t matter if you have the best ecommerce experience, the fastest supply chain or the most efficient deliveries. Customers should not be left behind. Brands can empower front-line employees with digital operations tools, making customers feel valued, heard and seen.

This is critical. This experience is crucial.

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