Future-proof your online business with these 3 insights about brand websites

2020 was a year for accelerated adoption. Consumers have turned to digital to fulfill more of their daily needs, despite restricted mobility and more people staying at home. With many people now using digital services for their first time, and over 90% of users saying that they will continue using these services in the future, it is more important than ever for brands invest in digital.

We discovered the importance of the role of each platform in the purchase paths of consumers in verticals like apparel, electronics, and beauty products.

We found that 55% of shoppers visited a brand’s website during their journey to buy, which indicates that Brand.com is a valuable channel for consumers’ buying journeys, along with marketplaces.

Our study found that consumers are keen to use Brand.com again in the future. 3 Now is the right time for brands to adopt a strong direct-to-consumer strategy and establish a comprehensive online retail presence.

We present three key insights from our research to show why Brand.com is crucial for a brand’s success online and how marketers can create a strong Brand.com strategy.

1. Shoppers desire an immersive experience that allows them to explore the products in detail.

Because many people are unable to go to retail stores because of pandemic restrictions, this year has seen a rise in brand websites that offer a personalized, unique brand experience. They can offer customers an interactive way to explore their products and videos that explain the pricing. This gives them an advantage in experiential shopping.

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Brand.com shoppers surveyed 41% and indicated that they enjoy an immersive shopping experience. These shoppers were motivated to use Brand.com because they provide clear product specifications, display product specs via video or photo, and are easy-to-use. Brand.com is also a place where buyers can compare brands. 5

“I love looking at the images on [consumer electronics company]’s website. I believe I visited the website at least four times to determine if I felt a connection to the product. “That was the day that I decided, okay, I’m going to get it.” — Singaporean Brand.com shopper

As brands think about their Brand.com, it pays to look at the customer experience from different angles. Inconsistent experiences across platforms or changes between desktop and mobile views can result in a subpar customer experience.

2. Brand.com is the place to go for assurance in their purchasing decisions

42% of shoppers felt that the product they purchased was authentic or trustworthy when they shop on a brand’s website. 41% agreed with this statement.

Brand websites are being used by consumers to help them make informed purchasing decisions. According to our research, 69% shoppers use Brand.com for information about pricing and promotions. Price-sensitive shoppers will prefer to shop on marketplaces in order to find better pricing or promotions.

Brands have the potential to offer more value-added service to their customers by using the right strategy. This can help them build stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

Brand.com is often 2-3% more expensive than the marketplaces when I compare their prices. However, for the 14-day return policy that allows you to change your mind, Brand.com is worth it.” — Singaporean Brand.com shopper

Driven predominantly by these additional brand services and add-ons, according to our survey, consumers say they are willing to spend 20% more on an average order when making purchases on Brand.com.8

Average spending across all categories

3. Shoppers want to be able to communicate with brands according their terms

Consumers want Brand.com to be able to access local content in their native language.

Local-language options are a great way to build trust and confidence in non-English-speaking markets. Non-buyers faced a major barrier in finding out more about products. The brand website was written in a foreign language making it difficult for them to find information about the product and delivery options.

Localization can help ensure that products in-market are available online. Additionally, it can provide local warranties to people buying from overseas retailers. This can help build trust in your brand.

Brand.com is the only place I will buy consumer electronics. I feel more secure buying a product from the brand’s website. I feel more confident that you will be able to make a claim if there are issues with the product, and that the products will be in perfect condition.

With this in mind, a localized strategy is essential to stay relevant with shoppers, but make sure you’re curating for each market.

Brand.com’s roles and opportunities vary in SEA markets.

Brand.com helps brands build a first party data ecosystem that can personalize and localize the experience they want. Brands can future-proof their brand by engaging the right customers and finding new ways to connect with them.

Brands must invest fully in a balanced digital presence, which includes Brand.com. Shoppers want to be able discover, research, evaluate and then make a purchase easily. Our research shows that Brand.com plays an important role in these consumer journeys. Brand.com is the best platform to build and maintain customer relationships for online retail success.

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