“Hello, Johnny Cash”- Surprising Lessons for Work At Home Moms

“Hello, Johnny Cash”- Surprising Lessons for Work At Home Moms

Listening to Johnny Cash has given me some unexpected wisdom that I have been able to use in my new wahms. These are some gems I found from Rockabilly legend.

1) Get to know your man…er, your target market!

It’s true. Are you able to understand your target market? Do you know her driving motivations, needs and desires? Is your website geared towards your target audience? You might consider making some changes to your website. Otherwise, your customer or visitor will be “as lost as a wild goose during winter”!

2) A Boy Named Sue

A boy named Sue doesn’t have it easy, and neither does a wahm. You will find those who can be a dream stealer, confidence killer, or fun suckers in your business. There will be people who tell you that your goals are impossible to achieve, or that no matter what you do, it won’t work. Do not let them down!

Sue’s father said to him that the world was tough and that he would not be satisfied if he didn’t make it.

How can you make your business more difficult?

3) Man In Black – or Branding 101

J.R. Cash wore the all-black suit because he had nothing else. It was his trademark. For a reason, he wore all-black.

How about you? Do you work on your brand? How will you be different in a world filled with Jerry Lee Lewises and Elvis Presleys? Remember that your target market does not have to be exactly like you. Johnny Cash wrote Folsom Prison Blues, and connected with inmates even though he had never been in jail.

4) The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer

Two bits of wisdom are found in this song:

A) Learn your business, and you will succeed

John Henry’s Daddy said to him: “Learn how to turn a jack and lay a track. Learn to pick up and shovel too.” Do you know everything you can about Internet Marketing to help your business succeed? Are you willing to reinvest in ebooks and coaching, mentoring and software like John Henry’s Hammer?

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b) Technology can have its place, but not in the same way as humans.

Johnny showed that humans are still more valuable than the steam engine, even when it threatened to replace men. Use technology, such as autoresponders, but remember that you are a human visitor and should be able to inject some of your personality into your marketing efforts.

5) One Piece at a Time

This story is about a man who builds a Cadillac. He takes one piece from each assembly line, “and it didn’t cost him anything”. It didn’t turn out the way he had hoped!

Is your website a jumbled mess? Do you feel hesitant to invest in your own domain, hosting and content?

6) Now in the Jailhouse

Don’t let your hard work go to waste by doing the following:


Copying articles and content from other authors

Stealing graphics

Clicking on Adsense ads

Failure to keep records and failure to pay taxes

It’s not worth it and you might end up in jail. It’s better to Walk The Line, so that you can rest at night.

7) Ring of Fire

Perhaps you made a poor choice and entered into a relationship with a company that isn’t right for you. You don’t have to be ashamed of this. Just let go and start again. If you aren’t able to make a profit from a project after putting in countless hours, don’t beat yourself up. It’s better to find your match, and then put your energy into it.

June Carter Cash tells the story of her attraction to John in this song. Although they were both in relationships with other people, they were clearly soul mates. They made music together and grew old together over the next 40 years.

Make beautiful music with your business!

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“How to make your computer your personal ATM”

Are you still under the impression that ATMs can only be found at banks or credit unions? You might be wrong. You can turn your computer into an ATM machine. How can your computer become a money-making machine? Get involved in the world of Internet Marketing. Internet marketing is profitable and can be easily started quickly and inexpensively.

What are the first steps to start your Internet marketing business? It is important to have a website that can reach millions of people around the world. There are many software companies and products out there. It can be difficult to find the right company for your website hosting if you don’t know much about Internet infrastructure. We’ve made it easy for you to find the best software tools and references that will help you get started.

First, you need a domain. Domain names are what users type into the Internet to reach your website. Make sure your domain name is relevant to the product or service you are offering. After you have chosen a domain name, make sure it isn’t taken. It is possible to type the domain name into an Internet browser and check if it appears. It is a good idea to verify this information through www.godaddy.com, the recommended domain provider.

You should only buy the domain name when you buy a domain name from www.godaddy.com. These services are often more expensive at Godaddy than they are at www.frontierpowerhosting.com.

Frontierpowerhosting.com is your web hosting provider. You will have your own IP address, which is why this web hosting company is so great. Your IP address is essential to ensure that your email messages are not blocked by spammers. Frontierpowerhosting.com offers excellent customer service via phone. Frontierpowerhosting.com also offers an “Email Tracker” feature that allows you to track all of your emails. Frontierpowerhosting.com will also provide information about the deliverability rate of any email you send. This information can be used to tailor your marketing efforts.

Next, you’ll need to set up a smart autoresponder. Smart Autoresponders automatically send emails and forms to users to collect their personal information. Your Autoresponder should capture the following information: First name, last name and email address.

Auto Responder Plus is an effective smart autoresponder that you can download at www.arp3.com. You can download Auto Responder Plus software on your web hosting account.

These tools are now ready for you to start creating your website. Turn your personal computer into an income-generating machine today!


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