How SMS Marketing can help you improve your customer loyalty program

How SMS Marketing can help you improve your customer loyalty program

Brands can offer personalized experiences to their loyal customers with more shared data, such as Yotpo loyalty and Yotpo textBump. This will increase retention and generate revenue.

Mobile commerce continues to grow in popularity. SMS marketing is the perfect solution for eCommerce brands looking at reaching mobile-first customers. It’s also the best way of building relationships with your most loyal customers. The channel’s unparalleled speed and convenience allows you to increase customer loyalty program adoption right from the beginning. You can also engage your members with timely, exciting and exclusive updates that will drive participation. In fact, 70% consumers say that they prefer to use their smartphones to interact with loyalty programs. They also choose mobile over other marketing channels for access to points, rewards and more, when shopping online and in-store.

Brand loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and positive interactions to build it. SMS integration with customer loyalty program allows you to go beyond the “positive” category and provide unique experiences for your customers. You can target them with highly personal and relevant messages at the times that matter most. How? Accessible and connected customer data.

Yotpo SMSBump allows brands to access more than 45 cross-product data point, which includes more than 14 loyalty additions such as Points Expiration Date or Loyalty Member Status. This makes every message personal and distinctive. These data points can be used to identify specific loyalty audiences, such as customers with an active point balance, but who have not made a redemption. Then send the SMS messages that will most likely engage those audiences. To personalize your messages even more, you can insert loyalty shortcodes in your text messages, such as your customer’s VIP number or point balance. This will make your message seem personalized and help fuel your program’s success.

You can increase your customer loyalty program in many ways with these data driven SMS experiences. But here are six top recommendations to reach customers at the right time with the right rewards.

Promote Your Loyalty Program to SMS Subscribers for Spark Sign-Ups

Reaching out to existing subscribers, such as SMS subscribers, is one of the fastest ways to build brand loyalty. To your current subscribers, send a personalized text message explaining how your loyalty program works. Also, let them know what benefits they can expect as members. For example: a percentage discount on future purchases. This will help you increase loyalty and boost membership growth.

The same goes for existing loyalty members. You can leverage a variety subscriber collection tools to reward loyal members with points for becoming SMS Subscribers too 76% loyalty program members will opt-in to communicate via SMS with their favorite brands.


Welcoming New Members to Drive Loyalty Programme Behavior Starting Day One

To welcome a new SMS subscriber to your loyalty program immediately, use their preferred communication channel. This will allow you to instantly keep your program in mind. These messages can be used to inform subscribers about how they can earn points and VIP benefits.


To increase loyalty program participation, send reminders about the Point Balance

Customers may find that they have earned enough loyalty points to redeem a reward. This could be the incentive they need to buy their next item. You can keep them updated with text messages. These messages will share the current balance of their loyalty points, how they can redeem for rewards, and how much they must accrue to unlock new discounts or perks. A brand that maintains a constant connection with customers can expect an increase in engagement and program participation as well as overall brand loyalty.


To boost brand engagement, share loyalty offers

Run double (or even triple!) Points days, and send the message via SMS. Why? Why? These loyalty offers will increase order volume and engagement by your brand’s SMS marketing messages.


Offer VIPs exclusive perks and empower them to reach new levels

Consumers today want personalized and exclusive experiences from brands. Treat your most loyal customers like VIPs. You can use SMS to contact them about VIP-specific benefits depending on their tier. Are you able to offer expedited shipping only to members? Encourage them to use expedited shipping to ensure their orders arrive on time. Let a member know when they are close to reaching the next level and offer tips for them to do so.


To keep purchase rates high and liability low, use point expiration

More than 55% consumers say SMS is preferable to other marketing channels. It’s quick, convenient, and allows for them to get immediate updates. This makes their phones the ideal place to contact them with urgent information, such as a point expiration. To encourage them to act quickly, let them know how many points are remaining and the date when they expire. Tip: Target loyalty members whose points expire within the next 30 days to get the best rate of purchases and decrease your loyalty liability.


Yotpo will ensure that your programs are perfectly in sync

Your channels must be fully integrated and share a lot of data to create seamless SMS and loyalty experiences using the above strategies. Yotpo SMSBump & Yotpo loyalty work together in order to drive loyalty behavior, increase customer lifetime value, as well as sharing data. This allows you to share the crucial insights that will make these experiences more personal, memorable, and more likely for customers to convert.

Brands have the opportunity to engage with customers at every touchpoint, be it email, website, or text message. Loyalty program data can help brands take these interactions to the next level. As marketers shift their focus on customer retention, a strategy loyalty program will provide hyper-relevant, personalized experiences to keep shoppers coming back. Jordan Gutman, Yotpo’s GM of Loyalty

Yotpo SMSBump’s loyalty data points give you more ways to communicate with your customers about your loyalty program, keep them interested, and provide a personalized experience. We have seen 65x ROI for our brands using the new data points to send tailored text messages with points balances. We want you too.