How to Shop for Pillow Cube Installments Drove 10x more Revenue

How to Shop for Pillow Cube Installments Drove 10x more Revenue

Jay Davis spent years searching for the perfect pillow, but couldn’t find one that was specifically made for side sleepers. So he created his own. Pillow Cube was launched in 2019 by Jay Davis to provide support for side sleepers. Two successful Kickstarter campaigns went viral and orders began to flood in. After trying Shopify’s ‘buy now, and pay later’ option with another provider, the results were impressive. Will Beck, director, was our interviewee about the positive effect Shop Pay Installments have had on their business.

Shop Pay Installments: More Sales

Pillow Cube had previously offered installments with another provider and wanted to try Shopify’s “buy now, pay later” solution. “Shoppay installments has been a great option for us!” Will Beck says it’s 6.5% of our GMV. “We have also noticed a steady increase in our average order values rate.” Shop Pay Installments generated 10x more installments revenue for Pillow Cube than any other provider. Shopify’s flexible and risk-free financing solution, “buy now, pay later”, helps merchants increase sales. Customers can also maximize their buying power and increase their budgets by having the option to purchase what they want.

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There are no hidden charges

Shopify merchants can receive their full payment upfront while Shopify customers pay in installments. Customers don’t pay any surprise fees, not even late fees. This is a great feature for Pillow Cube. Beck explains that Shop Pay installments removes some of the risk from clients and makes it easier for them to join us. It’s as simple as putting up the payments and not having them pay more. It makes it easier to sell.

“I feel that Shop Pay Installments gives me more trust. Shopify is preferred by customers over other providers because of its user-friendly interface.

A fully integrated checkout solution

Shop Pay Installments’ rapid adoption rate surprised Pillow Cube. In its first month, the pillow company made 175% more installments revenue than it did with its previous provider. “Shop Pay Installments gives me more confidence. Beck says that Shopify is preferred by customers over other providers. Shop Pay Installments offers seamless shopping, with no redirects or overselling.

Pillow Cube found Shop Pay Installments to be the best ‘buy now and pay later’ solution. It was implemented in just a few short months. Shopify’s checkout solution allowed the pillow company’s customers to become browsers, increase their average order value and give more side sleepers the best nights sleep ever!

Faster checkout on Instagram and Facebook with ShopPay

We know that quicker checkouts lead to higher sales. There are more points that can be dropped into shoppers’ buying path if they wait longer to complete a purchase. Shop Pay is the fastest-converting checkout online. It’s now available on Instagram for US merchants. You can simplify the whole discovery-to-sale procedure and let shoppers find you and buy your product directly from the shopping experience.

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Shopify’s Facebook channel makes it easy to set up checkouts on Instagram and Facebook. You’ll have access to special shopping features that will allow you to connect more with your audience, such as tagging in Instagram Live and Shopping from Creators.

The checkout feature is available only to Shopify businesses located in the United States.

A seamless and fast buyer experience

ShopPay is available anywhere a customer sees the product tag button on your Facebook Shop. They can then make a purchase with just one click. Your customer can track the delivery of their package within the Shop app once they have made a purchase.

The benefits

ShopPay is the solution to quicker in-app purchases by customers and greater conversion for merchants. Shop Pay stores the customer’s details and allows them to quickly make their next purchase. We understand that re-entering credit cards or personal information can create a frustrating brand experience. The longer the checkout process takes, the greater the chance of cart abandonment. Shop Pay, allows for one-tap transactions. ShopPay makes it simple for customers to purchase your products whenever and wherever they want.

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Shop on Facebook and Instagram to:

  • Reduce frictionGive your customers an easy, safe and fast way to expedite their checkout.
  • One-tap checkouts can increase conversion.ShopPay has an average checkout rate of 1.72x greater than regular checkouts, and customers are able to move through the process 4x quicker.
  • Get exclusive features for InstagramYou’ll have access to special features that will allow you to connect with your customers in new ways when checkout is enabled in your store. These include Shopping from Creators and Product Launches.
  • Attract more customersAppeal to ShopPay’s 74 Million Customers
  • Transform first-time buyers into lifelong customersDue to in-app recommendations from the store, orders tracked through the Shop app result in a 9.5% increase in reorder rates. Shopify admin also has the ability to sync order information from Instagram and Facebook.
  • Invest in a greener tomorrow.Shop Pay helps reduce the environmental impact of your deliveries through free tree planting.

The proof

We carried out a survey to find out the opinions of 10,000 Shopify merchants that had Shop Pay enabled. From mid-January through mid-February 2020 we tracked their mobile and desktop conversions. Shop Pay sales beat all other checkouts from discovery to conversion. Shop Pay’s conversion advantage can be seen on both desktop and mobile. However, it is especially evident on mobile with 1.91x higher conversions than regular checkouts.

Shop Pay’s seamless experience allows customers to purchase their desired products faster via Instagram or Facebook. All they need is a verification code.

You can unlock new features by enabling checkout

You’ll be able to access exclusive features on Instagram by enabling checkout on Instagram or Facebook with ShopPay

1. Instagram Product Launches

Product launches are an important way to use Instagram to engage with loyal customers and leverage your brand. You can tag products and create awareness about them using the Product Launch feature. Instagram tools such as Stories and Reels can be used to increase awareness and create excitement about the upcoming launch.

2. 2. Live Shopping

Live Shopping allows you to sell products to your audience and gives buyers the option to purchase products from your live broadcast. Don’t be afraid of going Live. This gives you the opportunity to have deeper and more honest conversations with your customers. The more genuine and unfiltered you are, the better.

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3. Shop from the Creators

You’ll have access to Shopping from Creators when you create checkout. Creators can tag products from your brand in their posts, increasing visibility and amplifying your reach. Begin with family and friends. Consider any influencers or creators that you have worked with, as well as people who have received your products.

To learn more about how to leverage these exclusive features through checkout, read this guide.

Conversion best practices

Clear, consistent and concise product pages are essential for the best shops. Customers want consistency between your Instagram and Facebook accounts and your product pages.

Your product pages should contain all the information that a potential customer will need, including details such as weight, color, and material. Potential customers will want to see how the product fits in their home.

It is crucial that customers are able to see high-quality photos in order to convert them from browsing to purchasing. Your photos must not only look great, but also show your products clearly and in a way that is different from your competitors.

To make content more actionable, include product tags in Stories, Reels and feed posts. This will allow you to create a shopping experience that is accessible across all formats. Make sure your calls to actions (CTAs), are clear and concise.

You can share the good news about Shop Pay with your followers. This will help educate both current and potential customers about checkout. Shop Pay allows you to show them how to purchase in-app. A video can be created showing someone clicking on your post and making purchase. This will pin Shop Pay to your Stories.

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Get started with checkout to convert more customers

To enable checkout, you don’t need to log into Facebook or Instagram. The setup can be done through Shopify’s Facebook channel.

If you are new to Facebook:

  1. Install the YouTube channel
  2. Sign up to Facebook Shops and the Instagram Shopping feature.
  3. Follow these steps to get started. Next, choose Directly on Facebook/Insta for the checkout method. Click Save.
  4. Next, complete the steps. After you’re done, Shop Pay will be automatically enabled during checkout.

If you already use Instagram Shopping or Facebook shops:

  1. Within the Facebook channel, click Settings.
  2. Click Commerce settings, and in the Checkout Method section, choose the Directly on Facebook or Instagram checkout method.
  3. Follow these steps to get set up. Once you’re done, Shop Pay will be automatically enabled during checkout.