How we Benchmarked Digital Marketing for Cisco Partners using Marketing Maturity Maps [Case study]

How we Benchmarked Digital Marketing for Cisco Partners using Marketing Maturity Maps [Case study]

B2B marketers are known to love benchmarks.

Each client wants to know how their company ranks against its competitors and how they compare against the top brands around the globe. They want to know whether their email, website and lead generation initiatives deliver the same or better results than their competitors and, if so, how much it would cost them to achieve similar results.

This question is a favorite of ours. This work is our passion. It is a joy to work with clients who want to understand the question and, more importantly, to figure out what they can do to achieve their next level of success.

This is where Convince & Convert’s consulting team shines, and can provide the highest ROI. We provide the right strategies and operational playbooks that will take our clients to the next level in digital marketing maturity and success.

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Cisco Velocity Partners Benchmarking B2B Marketing Maturity

This work was actually completed for Cisco, one of our longest clients. As part of their Global Partner Marketing efforts, we work closely with Marketing Velocity.

We have produced hundreds of pieces of content over the years to help their partner base succeed, including blog posts, marketing webinars, 1:1 partner consulting, and many more. Cisco understood that there were many variations in language, region, resources, marketing types, and other factors.

The project was started by sharing the standard B2B marketing team rubric with Cisco. We refine and update our requirements frequently, drawing on our 20-years of B2B marketing experience and our daily interactions with clients. The core strategies that are essential for maturation remain constant.

What is a B2B marketing maturity chart?

B2B marketing maturity is a self-assessment tool that allows you to assess your marketing maturity in 10 categories (in this case). This is an objective ranking of your company against a perfectly scoring competitor. It highlights any category weaknesses and gives a glimpse of the tactics that can be used to increase maturity and earn full points.

This means that if you could do every tactic within each category of the rubric, then you would be the best at digital marketing maturity. Is the rubric perfect. It is not perfect. It is customizable for your business, which is the beauty of it.

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Consider the following when you are deciding how your digital marketing team should perform on this rubric:

1. 1. Be sincereA high score will not get you to the next level, only in the same area as you are right now. Your score is not public. Be honest about where your organization stands on the maturity scale, and award the points you are due at this time.

2. 2. Commit to GrowthOnce you have assessed your score, take a look at your department and business goals. For the next six months, commit to two maturity areas that can impact your goals. These are your areas of greatest growth.

3. 3. Schedule a reassessment.We usually do this once a year for our clients with regular checkups throughout the year. Schedule a self-assessment once every six months. This will help you keep on track with your growth plan, and let you know if you’re making progress. If you are able to grow in one of your areas of focus, it is an opportunity to add another for the next six-months.

How we measured marketing maturity across Thousands of Global Partners

Cisco has thousands of partners across the globe. They have different levels of marketing expertise, budgets, infrastructure and resources. The team was focused on creating a fair system to measure partner maturity. Cisco asked Convince & Convert for help in creating a customized maturity tool to measure partners’ maturity.

We shared the rubric base and customized the project using the following steps.

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1. The leaders of the three regions met with our team.Each can share the complexity of their partner market and also express the cultural and regional nuances of their markets.

2. Multiple interviews were conducted with global partner representatives at the next level.They communicate with and collaborate with their partners on a daily basis. These meetings highlighted language considerations as well as translation differences between marketing terms.

3. The C&C team used these interviews to create a customized version of the marketing assessment tool.Specifically for the Cisco Global Partner Marketing Base. It was crucial to answer questions through a variety of use cases in order to ensure that the final tool was universally useful, understandable, fair, and fair.

4. After the survey tool had been approved by all stakeholders and was vetted, the survey was launched to a test group made up of Cisco partners.The test group consisted of 35 partners from all sizes and all regions. This test group validates the tool in terms of scoring mechanism and question interpretation.

Lessons learned:We were unable to eliminate 3 questions from the set that were not fair and didn’t assess skills in an acceptable manner. This was crucial in updating the challenge areas as well as validating that our overall goals were met.

5. Cisco launched the final marketing maturity assessment to its partner base, and data was collected.Convince & Convert kept the anonymity of the partner base. While scores were visible to our team, the names of partners and other information were not.

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Analyzing Results 

After data capture, we were then able to analyze Cisco’s results across three main areas.

1. Score by region and partner size.The assessment also includes the distribution of marketing maturity for each category of digital marketing.

2. 2. Analysis of scores using other maturity inputs and support by Cisco

3. Convince & Convert will also recommend you by writing.Which partner scores are most relevant in B2B marketing? Cisco will further support and educate partners in every area of digital marketing.

Cisco’s Marketing Maturity Results

Cisco will share each partner’s results. They will also continue to assess current and potential partners. This assessment is used to help create a growth plan that will assist each partner in reaching the next level of their marketing success. This assessment informs Cisco’s editorial team and partner education teams about the content and programs that should be created in the future to ensure that each partner is successful.

Are you curious to see how your digital marketing team ranks?

Convince & Convert will create and analyze a custom market maturity assessment. You can also download our B2B marketing maturity rubric and scoring sheet right away!


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