Inbox Inspiration: 21 Examples of Email Marketing to Follow in 2022


What was the last time that you checked your email?

You are not the only one who answered “today” More than 80% of Americans say they check their inbox daily . A 63% majority report checking it multiple times per day.

Email hasn’t slowed down despite its age. Since its inception , the number of email users has increased each year. It is expected to reach 4.2 billion by 2022.

This is why a good email campaign is so crucial. While social media and paid ads can be a great way of finding new customers, neither offers the same level of control over your customer journey as audience segmentation or an effective email marketing campaign.

You need to understand what a great marketing email looks like if you want to build a successful email campaign. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite email marketing examples, sourced from independent brands.

21 amazing examples of email marketing to inspire you

1. Poppy Barley

The brand:Poppy barley is a Calgary-based retailer that specializes in leather footwear and accessories like wallets, purses, and backpacks. Poppy Barley’s brand is similar to many high-end outlets that sell similar products but with one key difference: its commitment to ethical business practices.

Poppy Barley’s mission is to change the way the fashion industry operates, from production to distribution. It uses only sustainable materials for its packaging and products. It only works with factories that comply with certain standards for ethical manufacturing. This includes human rights, gender equality standards and the right to unionize.

SubjectHello new friend!


Types of email:Welcome mail

Why it worksIn “Hello new friend!” Poppy Barley takes pride in standing out from luxury goods retailers. In the header image, “New York” is crossed out and replaced with “Edmonton” for labels indicating where products are made. When listing the manufacturing locations of products, it replaces “Italy” with “Mexico”. In doing this, the email makes a direct comparison to its competitors–high-fashion companies usually based in big fashion cities like New York and Milan.

This sets the brand apart. Branding is about telling customers what makes you unique. Poppy Barley doesn’t waste any time in getting to the point. This email highlights what makes Poppy Barley different, and directs customers to CTAs for more information.

Takeaway Welcoming emails are a great way to show your audience why your brand is different from others.

2. Doomlings

The brand isDoomlings, a card game in which players must survive the end-of-the world. Every round, a new disaster brings about the end to the world. Players draw cards that give them “traits” that they can use to protect themselves against this catastrophe.

Doomlings can be considered both a hobby and a game. The Doomlings ecommerce shop sells the standard edition of Doomlings. It also offers expansion packs and sleeves cards that can be added to your collection or traded with other players.

SubjectWelcome at the end of the universe!


Types of email:Welcome mail

How it works:Doomlings’ apocalyptic tongue in cheek humor is evident even before the recipient opens the email. The subject line of Doomlings’ welcome email has a foreboding but playful tone that’s almost impossible to ignore.

Once inside, the recipients receive a discount on their first purchase to encourage sales. They are also given background information about the founders and provided with convenient links to their product collection.

Takeaway: Know your target audience. Do not be afraid to speak boldly to appeal to an audience that is open to your boldness.

3. Nonna Live

The brand is Every week Nonna Nerina invites viewers to her kitchen in Italy’s small village of Modica for Nona Live. This class teaches authentic Italian cooking. Nonna Live offers viewers the chance to learn from an expert who has been cooking authentic Italian cuisine for many decades.

Nonna Live also offers group classes and sells her extra virgin olive oil. It is made from olives grown from family-owned olive tree trees.

Subject: HURRY! Get 15% off your order!


Types of email:Welcome mail

It works:Nonna Live’s welcome email is simple and effective. Customers have already signed up for the mailing list and indicated that they would like to take Nonna classes. All they need now is a push.

The subject line is concise and direct. To give the reader an urgency , add the word HURRY to. This email contains CTA links for booking classes, invites to meet Nonna and provides background information about her olive oil.

Nonna Live’s email contains socialproof in form of customer testimonials. This leverages the support of satisfied customers and helps to attract new customers.

Takeaway –Discounts can be a great way of increasing your open rate. This email is also very concise and covers everything the brand has to offer while still being short enough to invite the reader for more information.

4. Schoolhouse

The brand:Schoolhouse sells home decor products, such as lighting fixtures, like mounted lamps and chandeliers. They also offer a variety of accessories including clocks, art, clocks and bedding sets. Schoolhouse products are versatile and timeless, as the name suggests.

SubjectWelcome To Schoolhouse: Get 10% off Your First Order


Types of email:Welcome mail

How it works:Schoolhouse promises its users a 10% discount when you sign up for its newsletter. This email’s subject line is clear and unambiguous.

Schoolhouse focuses on the home, not a product once it is opened. This is a unique strategy because the company’s product is not a specific product but a lifestyle.

Takeaway Selling a lifestyle, rather than a product, is a great way to build brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. It also positions your brand as the “go to” brand for those who are interested in that lifestyle.

5. Sundays

The brand: Sunday is the day for rest. It’s a time to unwind, relax and get ready for the week ahead. Sundays, a Toronto furniture company, exudes this ethos. Its branding is calm and calming, just as the day it was named.

Furniture is designed to last. The pieces are timeless and stylistically simple, but they are also durable and well-constructed. They are minimalist in design, which allows them to adapt to changing aesthetics. Many products come in gray, white, or black. This makes them stylistically versatile.

SubjectWelcome To The Dark Side


Types of email:Welcome mail

Why it works “Welcome the dark side” may seem unusual for a brand all about comfort but it is precisely why it grabs the attention of the reader so well. The calming presentation of Sundays new line of black oak furniture takes away the forebodingness of the subject line.

The email newsletter’s content is short and shows a few pieces of the collection, as well as pairing them with other products. This email is a promotional one sent to customers who have already purchased products. It offers products that complement their previous purchases and not products that replace them.

TakeawaySubject lines with a little ambiguity can catch a user’s eye, even though they may seem unsettling. Ambiguity can raise questions that users will only answer by opening an email.

6. Brightland

The Brand. Brightland, a California-based food business that sells extra-virgin olive oils and vinegars without artificial preservatives or fillers, is called . The products are made from naturally fermented fruits that have been grown in nutrient rich soil.

Brightland’s packaging uses soft colors of orange and yellow, along with a white bottle, to invoke the California sun. It also shows the fresh oranges that are used in many of the products. This dual imagery successfully unites two ideas into one brand.