On Tuesday, you can see the value of a good-health strategy.

What do group exercise breaks share with Jarmo’s recreational floorball games and Risto biking for work, #solteqmove hashtag, and lying on a masseuse table? All of them are enjoyable moments. The real point lies in the background.

It is important to invest in your physical well-being. The three pillars of a person’s physical health are exercise, adequate sleep, and healthy eating habits. Mental stamina is also closely tied to these factors.

Because specialised work requires little physical effort, it is recommended to get some exercise. Today’s generation spends more time sitting than ever before. Sedentary living is a challenge to our bodies, whose functions strongly suggest that they were designed for movement.

The magic of the universe

What should we do? How do we ensure that our personnel stays active? It is best to combine the individual choices of employees with our collective efforts at work.

It sounds wonderful to set employee well-being up as one of our strategic goals. It is in our daily routines that we make and ignore decisions – this is where the magic happens. It is therefore crucial that people engage in activities on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to help us reach our goal.

Our efforts recently have been recognized at this level and are now:

  • Risto bikes to work every day. Because of an employee initiative, each Solteqian’s mission is to spend the extra working time agreed to in the labour market’s competitiveness pact on some kind of physical activity.
  • We see more people participating in break-time exercises classes because of the efforts of our office’s well-being coaches. Hanna has the opportunity to relax and treat her lower back issues on the massage table during work hours. Yes, it’s free.
  • Jarmo is a regular floorball player and can share leisure time with Solteq members in the morning. Without a team, it would be very difficult to play.
  • The#SolteqmoveTero decided to purchase a lot of sports vouchers to use on the slopes as part of a campaign to promote leisure activities. For his coworkers, he shares photos on Yammer using the same hashtag.

It is possible to engage in active well being on the weekdays as well as during leisure time. Even the smallest encouragement or opportunity can make all the difference. This is something we as employees must do.

“Does the mind rule or the body rule?” asks in a song by The Smiths. While it’s not possible to tell if the mind or the bodies lead in the marching order of the mind, it is worthwhile investing in balancing them. This is not just for work but also for well-being in every aspect of your life.