Samsung’s One UI Watch Experience is Moving in the Right Direction, But There Is Work To Do

Samsung’s One UI Watch Experience is Moving in the Right Direction, But There Is Work To Do

Samsung’s One UI Watch experience was announced at the Mobile World Congress virtual conference on June 28. Samsung and Google partnered to create a platform that allows users to access the same services from multiple Galaxy devices using a similar interface. Although these announcements by Samsung and Google are a step in the right direction, the partnership is still not enough to make smartwatches a necessity.

Here are the top Samsung achievements:

  • To establish partnerships that would allow the company to expand its services ecosystem, we worked hard.Samsung, unlike Apple and Google, has not created a strong ecosystem of services to support its devices. Consumers want music and apps that work on all of their devices. Samsung has now added to the puzzle.
  • It chose some points of differentiation to market its connected device experiences.The company was focused on productivity and security. Samsung might have used the term “security” as much as Apple uses “privacy.”
  • Demoed the ability to use context to control devices.The earbuds can switch to the call if a customer is listening to music or viewing a video on their device. Samsung has many advantages, including the ability to offer exceptional experiences beyond just the watch.

Here are the reasons Samsung has more work ahead of it:

  • While consistency across devices is a good starting point, it’s not the end goal of connected devices. Consumers didn’t love mobile when desktop experiences were reduced to smaller screens. Consumers won’t be impressed by watch experiences that shrink the screen of smartphones. Watch services need to be able to recognize customer needs and streamline access to services.
  • Samsung did not check enough of the “must-have” features for its smartwatches. Samsung made significant progress in improving the accuracy and quality of its sensors to improve wellness. Samsung also developed the ability to take more frequent measurements and still keep the battery charged for a full day. It did not provide enough information about services and the use of the watch to make payments or identify.

SmartwatchesYou need five core featuresThey have the potential of becoming the next “it” gadget.Forrester believes that they include:

  1. NotificationsAlthough I read headlines occasionally, I don’t have to check the news on my watch. Watch notifications will encourage behavior change. Audio or haptic signals can be used to encourage us to take a step or turn right at the next intersection.
  2. PaymentsUntil the watch or phone can replace our wallets, we can’t leave our wallets behind. This includes ID and payments. Consumers are encouraged to use contactless payments more often because of the combination of modern point-of-sale terminals.
  3. IdentificationTo drive cars, board planes and get into our offices, we need identification. We cannot leave our wallets at work without alternative forms of identification that are accepted by the government and offices.
  4. Voice assistantsThe interface of smartwatches can be limited in relation to their functionality. Stellar voice control allows consumers to make calls, text friends and access customer support. It also allows them to find music and access the internet. Smartwatches offer a cool alternative to traditional watches.Watch by Dick Tracy.
  5. Health.Smartwatches are not yet widely adopted because of their wellness applications. A small percentage of people are motivated enough to exercise regularly or to track steps, heart rate and calories burned. You could also consider discounts on your insurance premiums and other incentives to encourage further exercise.

Samsung also announced a few other interesting items, independent of the watch:

  1. UpcyclingThis allows you to use your old tablets or phones for other purposes. This is a great idea. These devices can be equipped with sensors, cameras, microprocessors and many other features.
  2. Support for embedded SIMs to support a wider range of carriersThis means that your watch will be more likely to work in your carrier’s network.
  3. Tizen support for at least a few more decadesI was unsure if Tizen would disappear or if Samsung was just trying to hedge its bets. Tizen is Samsung’s operating system.Watch releases prior to this release.