Small Business Saturday: Increased Traffic and Lower Sales

A total of 112 million people reported shopping at small businesses on Small Business Sunday, a 13 percent increase over 2015. The increase in foot traffic led to an estimated $15.4 Billion in total spending on Small Business Saturday, , which is a decline from the $16.2 Billion spent in 2015. There was positive momentum for Small Business Saturday this year: More than 480 businesses joined the Small Business Saturday Coalition, an increase of 13 percent over 2015; there were 135,000,000 social media engagements supporting Small Business Saturday, up 85 million from 2015.; and a record high 72 percent of consumers stated they knew about Small Business Saturday.

Total Retail Take: Small business owners should be concerned about the drop in sales since 2015. While Small Business Saturday awareness and participation is on the rise, sales fell. Small Business Saturday is a worthwhile initiative, but local businesses still face a difficult battle against big-box competitors who can beat them time and again on price. Unfortunately, for small businesses price is often the most important factor in a consumer’s purchase decision.


eBay opens a pop-up for the ‘Emotionally Powered.

eBay has opened the first ever “emotionally-powered” pop-up store for two days. The pop-up store was located in central London and addressed holiday stress by encouraging shoppers to feel the emotion of giving. eBay’s intelligent bio-analytic and facial coding technology helped guests find the items they most emotionally connect with on its giving page. It was able identify and track which products elicit the most feelings of generosity. Visitors were able to visit biometric booths and receive customized emotion reports to help them pinpoint the products they are most connected to.

Total Retail Take This is a little creepy! While I like the Cyber Monday tie-in and Giving Tuesday tie in, it seems invasive to translate real time emotions to certain products. It would be interesting if this buzz generated more traffic to eBay’s U.K. website.