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12 Key Job Roles for B-to-B Ecommerce Success

Among the greatest challenges that brand manufacturers and vendors face with their B-to-B ecommerce operations is hiring the perfect team. B-to-B businesses will need to determine required job functions, and hire, train, and manage the team. Since most B-to-B organizations are beginning from scratch, this can difficult. Oftentimes, inadequate staffing delays or prevents ecommerce success. […]

4 Keys for Effective B-to-B Ecommerce

Business-to-business ecommerce refers to Internet-enabled transactions involving companies, like a manufacturer and a wholesaler, a wholesaler and a merchants, or a wholesaler and a business user. The B-to-B ecommerce market was expected to exceed $550 billion in the U.S. this past year, offering excellent opportunities for vendors and manufacturers to streamline sales, boost profits, and […]

B-to-B Ecommerce: How to Employ, Boost

The amount of midsize manufacturers and vendors implementing first ecommerce jobs is rapidly increasing. Manufacturers are using ecommerce to reach new markets, bring products to market more quickly, and protect and reinforce their brands. Distributors, whose margins and market share are being jeopardized by producers and B-to-B newcomers like AmazonSupply.com, are implementing ecommerce to stay […]