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SMBs seek guidance and support from B2SB marketers.

The landscape of small businesses has changed dramatically in terms of where, how and when they shop, work, and sell. Big brand marketers have a huge opportunity to help small businesses plan, execute, and optimize their “what’s next?”. How can big brands support the pivot journey? “We have expanded to multiple geographies and I expect that my […]

Part 1: Learning from the Holiday Season

The 2017 holiday season saw total sales rise by 4.9 percent. This is the largest increase in year-over-year sales since 2011. While consumers shop via many channels, the largest gainer was e-commerce. Online sales increased 18.1% over the previous year. Astound Commerce performed a thorough review of holiday shopping seasons to understand how consumers shop and what experiences […]

From the Idea to the First Customer: Solving a Problem

We discussed in the first article of this series why it is important to choose a targeted audience and how to find the right group. It was also important to identify your audience and understand their needs. Next, find a problem you can solve. Navigate the Journey Part One: Choosing an Audience Part 2: Finding the Problem to Solve Part […]

3 Trends that will drive customer experience in 2021 from Movable Ink

3 Trends that will drive customer experience in 2021 from Movable Ink As remote work continues, customer experience is a top priority for almost all brands. So, what trends are driving customer experience and engagement this year? MovableInk was our partner and we had the opportunity to talk with them about their market experiences and share some of our […]

Learn from Hong Kong’s business leaders: Insights and lessons

Hong Kong has been experiencing protests and a pandemic for more than a decade. Leonie Valentine is the managing director of sales operations at Google Hong Kong. She shares her observations about local businesses’ resilience as they work towards recovery. She shares notable examples of businesses that are ahead of the curve and ready to respond to […]

The First Holiday Pop-Up: What Retailers Can Learn from Spirit Halloween

Holiday pop-up retail defies expectations. The so-called retail apocalypse has actually claimed a great deal of victims. Circuit City, Toys”R”Us, Borders are resting peacefully at the graveyard of”shoppings past”. But amidst all the passings, there is 1 retailer that continues to withstand the ash, and, like a vampire, latch onto its lifeblood: brick-and-mortar. Since the […]