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5 CBD Industry Predictions For 2022

It’s clear that the cannabis industry has exploded rapidly since 2018 when hemp was made federally legal. The US Farm Bill was passed by congress and opened up the possibility for a whole new industry to emerge. CBD will grow to $7.8 billion in 2022, from production to manufacturing, sales to sales, and everything in between. The ‘green […]

Industry experts predict that tap-to-phone payments will gain popularity.

Industry experts predict that tap-to-phone payments will gain popularity. Companies have been looking at ways to make contactless payments more popular, such as turning a smartphone into an automated payments processor. Mobile point-of sale (mPOS), is the use of a smartphone as a terminal to process payment transactions. It’s different from a fixed terminal. Smartphones equipped […]

F&B… Is Food & Beverage Truly an Industry?

It’s About The PEOPLE There is a misinterpretation moving around the world about what the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry really is. Yes, the enthusiasm for food, making, competing, making your Michelin and what about the culinary itself is important, but if you strip it all off, what’s the industry’s number one attention? The absolute […]

Finding Business Motivation in Industry Leaders

Starting and running a company can take a level of commitment that few individuals understand or experience. Entrepreneurs may get the motivation required for all of that dedication in the work of business owners and business leaders. Motivation — that thing which compels us to do it — can be the fuel, if you will, […]