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Ascena Retail Group CEO: “It’s time for the Empire to Strike back”

It is no secret that the retail landscape has changed in recent years. Amazon.com and other retailers disruptors have made customer expectations very high. This puts pressure on legacy retailers who often have very different business models and can’t meet these expectations. What are legacy retailers to do about it? David Jaffe, Chairman and CEO of Ascena Retail […]

The “Retail Apocalypse” is Ragnarok, not End of Days

Daily, there are claims in media around the globe that physical retail is headed toward an irreversible end. Yet, we are also witnessing some of the most innovative and user-friendly reinterpretations of retail ever seen. Clearly, reports of retail’s demise are exaggerated. Instead of apocalypse there is a more accurate concept. It’s a very similar, but fundamentally […]

2019 Retail Forecast: Expansion of brick-and-mortar and flexible checkout options

The year 2018 was a record-breaking year for retailers around the world. E-commerce retailers like Amazon.com continued to be a disruptor in physical retail while many other retailers, such as Toys”R”Us, closed their doors after providing unique products to customers for decades. In 2018, retailers all over the country took a step further in integrating their digital […]

Retail Predictions for Holiday Season and Beyond

Many retailers will not think of 2020 as “normal” when they think about the holiday season. They might instead consider the holiday season before as “resilient” and “historic”. E-commerce has seen a surge in popularity since then. As another holiday season approaches, they will be able to combine that uniqueness with a greater consumer optimism. Despite slow […]

Invoices in Retail: Everything You Need to Know

An invoice is a document that itemizes and records a transaction between the seller—you—and your customer. Invoices create an agreement between you and your customer and make sure you get paid for the products you sell. Each invoice outlines the products and amounts you sold, when, for what prices, and when payment is due. This […]

Hyper-Personalization in Retail and its Benefits

Hyper-Personalization in Retail and its Benefits Who doesn’t love personalized retail experiences? Personalized retail experiences started in a mom-and-pop shop that understood your needs and preferences, and recommended products to you. E-commerce websites now offer the same personalization, recommending products based upon recent purchases. In fact, now, brands are focusing on hyper-personalization in retail. Whether it is a brick-and-mortar […]

Increase Retail Sales KPIs by Ditching Being Passive

Increase Retail Sales KPIs by Ditching Being Passive One quick look around the mall reveals that retailers are looking to increase their revenues through some very dramatic sales. However, sales can mask the death of many stores…passive workers. Let me tell you… A lot of merchandise is often sold at a loss even though it […]

Chatbots in Retail Will Be The Next Normal

Chatbots are now a standard feature for retailers around the globe. These integrations are beneficial for businesses as chatbots can increase sales, help customers, and make the company stand out. Chatbots have already made significant progress in the retail industry, but AI and COVID-19 are making things more interesting. Chatbots are an online program that can communicate […]