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14 examples of the most beautiful eCommerce websites

14 examples of the most beautiful eCommerce websites A good eCommerce website design should be a marriage of form and functionality that achieves the ultimate goal of any online shop: to sell. Although there are many types of eCommerce websites, good ones all share one thing in common: visual design that makes a strong brand […]

Future-proof your online business with these 3 insights about brand websites

2020 was a year for accelerated adoption. Consumers have turned to digital to fulfill more of their daily needs, despite restricted mobility and more people staying at home. With many people now using digital services for their first time, and over 90% of users saying that they will continue using these services in the future, it is more important than […]

Enforcing FTC Advertising Disclosures for Websites, Social Media

Earlier this season, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission upgraded its disclosure-of-advertising guidelines to add blogs and social media. If you’re paying a monetary or merchandise incentive to market your brand, product, or service on social networking or a site, you must stick to FTC disclosure-of-advertising guidelines — here is the PDF. The FTC’s advertising disclosure […]

9 Equity Crowdfunding Websites to Finance your Business

As a result of the JOBS Act, startups and smaller businesses are now able to publicly raise equity financing via online crowdfunding sites. In September 2013, Title II of the JOBS Act went into effect, allowing small companies to normally solicit from accredited investors (investors with more than $1 million net worth or earning over […]