Take Over Abandoned Carts for Maximum Profit

A key element in any ecommerce strategy is recovering abandoned shopping carts. The only way to retrieve an abandoned cart was to contact the customer via the information provided during checkout. This is a great option and works if the customer has entered his or her email address. Online retailers did not have a way to follow-up with customers who abandoned their carts without providing contact information. Google Remarketing is a revolutionary tool that allows stores to follow-up with abandoned carts up to 100 percent.

Google Remarketing can only be used if one is actively involved in an AdWords campaign. This channel allows you to follow up on abandoned carts by adding tracking code to your web store. Three remarketing lists or audiences must also be created. One list will contain visitors who have added items to their shopping baskets. Another list will include those who completed the checkout process. A third list will contain those who did not complete the checkout process. The last list will combine the two lists.

Logging into Google AdWords and clicking on the “Shared library” link in the left navigation will do this. Click the “view” button under the “Audiences” section.

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Next, create audiences for both the sale- and cart-related visitors.



This can be done by using a unique identifier. It is found in the URL after a visitor adds an item or completes a sale.

The illustration below shows an example.



After the two lists are set up, it’s time to create the main mailing list. This will allow you to target abandoned carts for people who don’t provide an email address. This is accomplished by creating a custom mixture list that uses rules from the two remarketing mailing lists.


The following illustration will help you to determine the criteria. Make sure to use the logical operator “and”, which links the two rules.



Final step is to create captivating image ads that are different from previous advertising. These ads will only be displayed to visitors who have completed the abandoned carts purchase. The headline and message should emphasize the benefits that they receive by purchasing. Below is an example of a call to action.

Google Remarketing allows you to segment customers who add items and don’t checkout. You will be able to follow up on 100 percent of abandoned shopping carts, which can help you convert lost sales into revenue.