Zoho Mail’s latest features and enhancements are stylish, accessible, secure

Zoho Mail’s latest features and enhancements are stylish, accessible, secure

Every product update has a reason. It could be based on user requests or keeping up with the competition. The Zoho Mail team carefully considered the customer’s preferences as they worked together to improve their emailing experience. This allowed us to identify the needs and obstacles of different users and helped us increase awareness about secure data sharing.

Based on customer feedback, we set out to improve ZohoMail. After months of constant effort, the interface has been redesigned and features have been added for greater accessibility and security. We want to show you what we have done so far and what we expect to do in the future.

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Accessibility increases inclusion

We have made the Zoho mail interface more user-friendly by increasing the color contrast and sharpness. This allows users to easily distinguish between different elements. Zoho Mail also offers basic screen reader support to visually impaired users who prefer the text being read aloud. This is only a first step, but the team is constantly working towards complete WCAG compliance.

Our global users will find a fully RTL interface

Zoho Mail is available in more than 60 languages. Our users appreciate the flexibility of Zoho Mail to be set up in their preferred language. It is important that all interfaces conform to the orientation of users who prefer writing from left to right. Zoho Mail’s latest update renders the user interface right-aligned, allowing for an RTL experience.

Night mode is now easier on the eyes

A darker interface can help reduce eye strain if you work after sunset. We wanted to make Zoho Mail’s night mode perfect. Inconsistencies have been removed and color inversions that were affecting readability. Now you can see the differences in the appearance of your email content in both the preview screen as well as the compose editor. Zoho Mail’s quick toggle lets you change between night and day mode for any email or draft that you are currently viewing.

Redesigned design to facilitate smooth and quick navigation

To make the platform more user-friendly, we have improved its interface design. Our menus were made cleaner and more user-friendly. We also added icons and email options to make it easier to find.

More is on the horizon in the coming days. Here’s a peek at the future:

For a seamless experience, smart system sync

You can opt to sync Zoho Mail settings to your system-wide preferences if you don’t want to manually switch between day or night mode in your mailbox. Zoho Mail will automatically switch to night mode if you have your operating system set to dark mode. You will enjoy a consistent experience on your computer and in your email program.

Confidential email to increase security and shareable links

You have no control over the recipients of an email once it is sent. SecurePass Email is a Zoho Mail feature that adds an extra layer of security to sensitive emails. Secure your data by creating a passphrase, forwarding and printing restrictions, and setting an expiration date.

You may also receive valuable information in emails. This can be done by creating a permalink that includes additional conditions such as an expiration date or access control.

Looking ahead

Keep watching the space for more information about these features in the coming weeks. We hope that this improved Zoho Mail will offer a better user experience for our international users. We are inspired by your support to continue building an inclusive product.

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