11 Mobile Apps from Google

Google delivers a package of free mobile apps to get its many productivity tools when you are on the go.

Here’s a list of 11 mobile apps from Google. There are apps that will assist you search and find items, communicate with others, access media and documents, and help you to stay streamlined. These apps are available for multiple mobile operating systems. All of the apps are free.

Google Search

Google Search app is a quick way to search, directly from the Google Search box on your home screen. Speak rather than kind, using your voice to control your telephone or tablet computer. Google Search can offer location-based outcomes for things like movies and weather. Google Search integrates with the beta of Google Now, which provides relevant suggestions and predictive information without needing to hunt for it. Google Search is available on Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

Google Search app.


Chrome app delivers Google’s web browser to your phone or tablet computer. Sign in to sync your Chrome browser experience by your computer and bring it along with you everywhere you go. Pick from outcomes that appear as you type. In your phone, reverse through browser tabs on the way that you would fan a deck of cards. Send pages from Chrome on your computer to Chrome in your phone or tablet computer with a single click and then read them on the go, even if you’re offline. Chrome can be found on Android and iOS.

Chrome app.

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Hangouts app is Google’s discussions solution. Turn one-on-one or group conversations into live face-to-face video calls with up to ten people simultaneously. Chat face-to-face, even if you’re on the go, all free of charge. Friends get video call invitations regardless of what device they are using right now. You can add more people to continuing video calls directly from a mobile device. Hangouts is available for Android and iOS.

Hangouts app.


YouTube app provides you access to Google’s video hub. Get the official YouTube app, record videos on your smartphone, and upload directly to YouTube to discuss. Access your saved YouTube playlists, favorites, and channel subscriptions, or watch popular videos advocated just for you. YouTube is available for Android and iOS.

YouTube app.

Google Drive

Google Drive app gives you access to Google’s cloud storage solution to store all your documents in one location, so that you can access them from anywhere. Use the app to get your photos, files, videos, and other documents stored on your Google Drive. Upload files to your Google Drive straight from your own Android apparatus. Share any document with your contacts. Access documents others have discuss with you on Google Drive. Google Drive is available for Android and iOS.

Google Drive app.


Gmail is an app to remain current with your email while on the move. Your email is automatically pushed to your mobile phone. Gmail syncs emails you have recently received, which means that you can read them even when you’re offline. Messages are grouped like discussions. Easily change between tags and multiple Gmail accounts. Gmail is available on Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

Google Maps

Google Maps app shows you where you are and gets you to where you need to go. Get free, voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, whether driving, walking, or taking public transit. See estimated time to your destination based on live traffic information. Look for restaurants, businesses, and more near you. Locate and receive recommendations from people on your circles and from specialists, and get reviews and summaries. Google Maps can be obtained for Android and iOS.

Google Maps app.


Google+ app lets you view your Google+ Stream and share your Circles from your mobile device. Check out What’s Hot, or seem”Nearby” to find out what is happening right around you. When you receive an Event invitation, turn on Party Mode and immediately share all of the photos you choose from your telephone to the Event so everybody can enjoy them. Turn one-on-one or group conversations into live face-to-face video calls with up to ten people simultaneously. Google+ is available for Android and iOS.

Google+ app.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is Google’s digital wallet app. Carry your loyalty programs from the app and leave the plastic cards behind. Save when you shop by taking all your supplies with you. Send cash easily to any buddy in the U.S. having an email address and get early access to sending cash in Gmail. Tap and pay in shops wherever contactless payments are approved. Google Wallet is available for Android and iOS.

Google Wallet app.

Google Offers

Google Offers app can help you find relevant offers, save supplies to your account and redeem supplies with your phone once you shop. Keep an eye on supplies you find on Google Maps, Search, and much more. Use offers right away, or the app will remind you next time you are near the shop. Then, all you do is open the app to demonstrate your offer at checkout. Google Offers can be obtained for Android and iOS.

Google Offers app.

Google Play

Google Play apps offer a simple way to enjoy media in 1 place. Google Play has apps for books, magazines, music, and movies and television. The apps sync across your devices — begin reading a book in your laptop and pick up where you left off in your desk. Make the most of many different improvements to bring your media to life, such as search, 3D page turns, text-to-speech, and much more. Google Play apps are available for Android and iOS.