A Guide to Selling Wholesale With WooCommerce

It can be lucrative to sell your products wholesale at a lower bulk price than retailers. You can access new markets and geographic locations by partnering with stores that have established customer bases and distribution channels without additional marketing, storage, or shipping investment.

Are you interested in selling wholesale but aren’t sure how to go about it?

WooCommerce creates the ideal online ecosystem. You can mix and match WooCommerce extensions to get all the features that you need to set up a wholesale or combo wholesale/retail shop. You can offer special pricing, bulk ordering and shared inventory to your retailers, while your online shop is customer-focused. All this from one dashboard.

Set custom prices for different retailer types

The most important extension for WooCommerce is Wholesale. This allows wholesale customers to set up accounts on your site. They’ll be able to access special features, including discounted prices for bulk purchases, when they log in. Wholesale customers can either set wholesale prices per product or set store or category-wide discounts in dollar or percentage amounts. To qualify for wholesale prices, you can also set minimum order quantities.

Wholesale clients don’t always have to be treated the same. You can create as many roles as you like on your website. You can give different discounts to each role — you could offer greater savings to your largest buyers, or discount for local retailers on large items.

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Another benefit? Another bonus? Wholesale purchases can be made tax-exempt if applicable. You can also set up special tax rates to retailers in different locations right from your dashboard.

You can control visible information

Wholesale for WooCommerce allows you to manage the information that each user can see. This is crucial to share product descriptions and inventory among your retail and wholesale shops.

Pro tip – If you only offer wholesale products, hide all of your storefront using the Private Shop for WooCommerce extension. This will ensure that only wholesale customers are aware that an online store exists.

Mixed-use shops can use Wholesale to WooCommerce for setting up display rules for individual products or categories. You can restrict items to only retailers or regular customers or both. Wholesale customers will only be able to see products and categories that are available to wholesalers. Retail customers will also see your standard storefront, and the retail products.

This is the big advantage: you don’t need to open a separate website or shop for your wholesale business. After you have created a product, added the picture and other details to it, you can share it with both users. You can set wholesale prices for the same product without having to duplicate or restructure your entire storefront. And, best of all, you can track inventory levels in one place.

Are you concerned about coupons? Do not worry about coupons: Disable coupon use for wholesalers. You can also turn shipping and payment options off if your wholesale customers don’t qualify for special shipping rates or payment gateways.

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Wholesale accounts can be set up by setting up subscriptions

WooCommerce also allows you to charge wholesalers a membership fee. One more extension is WooCommerce Subscriptions.

You can create products that are suitable for different subscription levels such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages. After a wholesaler has registered, their account will automatically be activated with the correct access to the products and discounts. Their account access will be updated automatically if they change their subscription level. If they do not renew their subscription, it will also end their access.

Automate or manually monitor onboarding

Wholesale for WooCommerce comes with an application form that allows potential wholesale customers to apply for access. This form can be customized to match your store’s branding and design.

Applications can be approved automatically when they are received. This will allow you to focus on other areas of your business while the system runs itself. For more control, require manual approval.

You’ll be able to create an environment that allows bulk buyers to know you are interested in doing business.

Wholesalers will find it easier to order and reorder.

Wholesale buyers have the advantage of ordering large quantities and large numbers of goods. Make sure your store can meet this expectation.

WooCommerce Extensions allow retailers to order multiple products simultaneously. You should make sure that permissions are set up in your extension settings to allow wholesale customers to order from these forms and tables.

Product table created with Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Bulk Shop: Show all products, or products from a particular category, in a grid format. Customers can enter quantities for multiple products simultaneously. You can create a Bulk Shop page with shortcodes that displays wholesale products and variants.
  • Bulk order form for WooCommerce: Make your own product tables that can be embedded via shortcode on any page of your website. Customers can create a list of products by selecting from a variety of criteria and then enter the quantities for all of them at once. Wholesale buyers can save on each product.
  • Bulk Version Forms: This extension is ideal for products that have many variations. It adds an optional table on each product page so buyers can enter orders for all variations.

Start a wholesale company

Wholesalers can prosper on WooCommerce by adding a few extensions. Wholesale customers can order quickly and easily with WooCommerce. You can create levels of wholesale access and price structures that you can control. Also, onboard new wholesalers. This is just one way to use WooCommerce to create an easy-to-scale, shareable online store.