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Report: Ace Hardware and Dollar Tree Tops in Customer Service

According to the 2018 Temkin Experience Rankings, Ace Hardware and Dollar Tree provide the best customer experience in retail, a benchmark that measures companies’ customer service based on 10,000 U.S. customers. Ace Hardware and Dollar Tree were tied for first place among the 49 retailers that were included in the ratings. The scores of each retailer were 82 […]

The “Retail Apocalypse” is Ragnarok, not End of Days

Daily, there are claims in media around the globe that physical retail is headed toward an irreversible end. Yet, we are also witnessing some of the most innovative and user-friendly reinterpretations of retail ever seen. Clearly, reports of retail’s demise are exaggerated. Instead of apocalypse there is a more accurate concept. It’s a very similar, but fundamentally […]

Part 1: Learning from the Holiday Season

The 2017 holiday season saw total sales rise by 4.9 percent. This is the largest increase in year-over-year sales since 2011. While consumers shop via many channels, the largest gainer was e-commerce. Online sales increased 18.1% over the previous year. Astound Commerce performed a thorough review of holiday shopping seasons to understand how consumers shop and what experiences […]

Edge Technology: The Heartbeat of the Store of the Future

While online retail is growing in popularity among consumers, physical retail will still account for the majority of sales. Recent research has shown that physical retailers will continue to account for 80 percent of global sales by 2025. This is a sign that consumers still value brick-and-mortar shops. If physical retailers are to meet these expectations, however, they […]

Toys”R”Us Stores to Be Saved by Billionaire Toy Maker

According to someone familiar with the matter, Toys”R”Us Inc.’s advisers and lawyers have rejected an eleventh-hour offer by a billionaire toy manufacturer that would have allowed some U.S. stores to remain open. The Wall Street Journalreports Isaac Larian, founder and CEO of Bratz dolls manufacturer MGA Entertainment, Inc., made a $675m offer for the bankrupt retailer. An additional […]

Nordstrom Expands Inventory-Free Local Store Concept

Nordstrom plans to open smaller stores that have no inventory. Nordstrom announced Monday that it will expand its existing stores in New York City, just ahead of its investor meeting. Nordstrom opened its first Nordstrom Local store in Los Angeles during the fourth quarter of last year. It covers approximately 3,000 square feet and features a nail salon […]

Costco to Increase Wages for 130,000 Employees

Nearly 130,000 Costco employees will be eligible for a pay increase starting June 11. The Seattle Times stated that Costco employees will see a $1-to-14 or $14.50 hourly increase, while warehouse workers would receive an hourly raise of $.25 and $.50, according to CFO Richard Galanti. According to the Seattle Times, the wage increase is independent of regular wage increases. These raises come […]

Kohl’s and WW Partner to Support Wellness and Healthy Living

Kohl’s has announced a strategic partnership with WW, the new Weight Watchers, which is a global wellness company. This collaboration will bring together both companies’ passions to help families and communities live healthier lives. Kohl’s and WW will jointly pilot a variety of health and wellness offerings to assist customers and Kohls’ associates in their wellness journeys. This […]

Macy’s Announces Store Closures and Job Cuts as Part Of A 3-Year Growth Strategy

Macy’s Tuesday announced a three-year growth strategy. It includes plans to close 125 stores that are least productive and reduce 2,000 corporate jobs, reports CNBC. The retailer will close its San Francisco, Lorain, OH, and downtown Cincinnati offices. It will consolidate its headquarters to New York City. The Polaris strategy is the company’s turnaround plan. It aims to make […]