F&B… Is Food & Beverage Truly an Industry?

It’s About The PEOPLE

There is a misinterpretation moving around the world about what the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry really is. Yes, the enthusiasm for food, making, competing, making your Michelin and what about the culinary itself is important, but if you strip it all off, what’s the industry’s number one attention? The absolute key to success or failure in the F&B is the PEOPLE.

When F&B professionals understand that it is only a people industry, Food & Beverage itself, in fact, is only a tool to fulfilling the requirements of their stakeholders, the folks whom your restaurant serves daily and everybody else involved in successfully completing that goal.

Your Clients are The Individuals That Have a Direct Role in:

Marketing. Your clients take note of your brand, join with your meals, and discuss their expertise in their networks. The first marketing is on you, however, word of mouth is the most powerful and fastest type of distributing information, good or bad.

Revenue. If you’re able to fulfill the needs of your clients, they will return and spend more money with your brand. Without customers on your restaurant, you won’t be earning any earnings.

Service. The customer travel you supply customers at your institution, for example, menu items they feast on, will determine the sort of service you provide in your brand identity. If the journey is tough to follow, that will reflect badly on your restaurant as soon as your clients share their experiences with their private and social community.

These People, your clients, are where you should focus your Branding, Marketing, Loyalty Programs, and, of course, where all your culinary imagination will go to be judged.

Your Employees are The Individuals Who Perform a Direct Role in:

Brand Identity. Your employees are your most precious resource. They are the face of your institution and will establish the vibes and ambiance which will reflect on your clients. Workers at every level in the restaurant environment, kitchen to support, will also supply the word of mouth individuality when discussing their experiences with their peers and social networks. That word of mouth is essential for future customer retention in addition to helping in seeking out more prospective workers as your brand grows.

Service. Your workers are the stakeholders that provide and reevaluate the client travel. If clients have a negative experience in this journey, it is the responsibility of your workers to browse the problem and place it back on course. The customer journey has to be smooth and free of as many hiccups as possible, to make sure guests return.

Creation. The production of the food your clients have sought out to eat and the creation of this relationship your customers have with your institution is almost solely determined by your employees. Your employees must have access to the tools they need in order to assure the creation procedure is positive and satisfying.

These individuals, your workers are where you should focus on conveying your Brand & Identity, Client Journey, Passion, Creativity, Consistency, and, importantly, the total Hygiene of your restaurant.










Your Vendors/Suppliers are The Individuals Who Perform a Direct Role in:

Tools and Costs of Production. The equipment your employees depend on to serve their creations to your clients is provided through the gear, including the food, your vendors and suppliers delivered. Your Cost of Investment and Cost of Goods Sold should reflect the proportion your equipment should succeed relative to your stakeholders in addition to the sum of money where your clients are ready to pay for your final solution, which includes their restaurant experience.

Consistency. Your vendors are important for maintaining consistency in fixing quality in addition to the operational abilities of the gear that creates your merchandise. The system in which you use to serve your clients more effectively plays a direct role in managing the consistency of fast service also.

Expansion & Progress. The ecosystem in which your institution can construct and expand is made by your vendors and suppliers. If they are not able to give equipment that’s of absolute quality, then that can grow with your organization, then it will make the goal nearly impossible to meet. Your vendors are also able to share with their networks and working relationships in the supply and equipment business to open up more opportunities for your company and spread your brand identity.

These individuals, your vendors/suppliers are where you should concentrate on Quality, Technology, Productivity, Costing, Expansion Opportunities & Economy of Scale.

Word of mouth is tremendously important across the board of individuals involved with the success of your institution, and so the image you represent should be as positive as possible – and your customers’ experience with your brand is a reflection of the rest of your people (like yours) roles they play in your F&B establishment.

In makes sense that the F&B sector is less about the food and other elements, and is all about the people, the stakeholders, that produce the adventures where the rest can triumph.