Guideposts’ Success with Magento Commerce

Guideposts’ Success with Magento Commerce

Guideposts is a non-profit organization that promotes wellness through inspirational content production. It reaches millions of people and inspires them to believe in the possibility of anything with faith, hope, and prayer. This brand has achieved this by many outreach programs that connect with people from all walks and provide spiritual support in times of need.

Guideposts launched its eCommerce store in 2006. Since then, it has grown and is a top source for faith-based media products such as greeting cards and music.

Transformation of the commerce experience

Guideposts moved to Magento1 Open Source July 2011, after outgrowing its original platform. Guideposts partnered up with Rave Digital in early 2020 to assist with an upgrade of Magento 1 to Magento Commerce hosted in the cloud. The brand was against the Magento 1 expiration date and wanted to stay on a stable, secure platform. Guideposts wanted to offset the decline in sales due to a lack of core functionality and advanced user experience features.

Guideposts wanted to use the core functionality of Magento Commerce. This included Page Builder dashboarding, reporting and advanced analytics. Guideposts was eager to integrate Magento Commerce with its order and inventory management systems.

Guideposts’ eCommerce infrastructure and digital marketing infrastructure will continue to evolve with the rich ecosystem of Magento extensions. Magento Commerce’s implementation is tightly integrated to CMS, allowing customers to experience its rich content and seamlessly subscribe, buy, and participate in member activities.

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The brand’s overall improvement is evident in the results of migrating to Magento Commerce.

*Product revenue increased by 205%  *Increase of 128% in transactions
*Conversion rate increases 25%

Guideposts Media chief technology officer Carl Hixson says that Magento’s recent integration as a core part of their digital ecosystem was one of the most significant achievements of Guideposts Media. The Magento platform allows us to fulfill our vision of providing customers with a digital marketplace that is engaging and will enable us to continue our digital marketing and eCommerce initiatives. We have built a world-class online environment with Rave Digital, our valued partner. This will allow us to achieve our future growth and conversion goals.

The Early Adopters Lead

Every business will face challenges in adopting technology early. Technology is moving at such a rapid pace that what may have appeared risky in the past could be safer today to stay ahead of your competition.

What are the advantages of adopting technology earlier?

There are many benefits to adopting technology early, some of which are easy to overlook like:

* Delivering innovative experiences to customers in a competitive market
* Increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness
* Engaging high-performing employees with cutting-edge technology
* Longer life span of new technology for improving, enhancing and fine-tuning future growth
* Scalability to support future growth

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One example of the upcoming eCommerce trends is headless deployments. This means that your website’s frontend is separated from your backend. This is a good thing as it allows for more flexibility in scaling your website and supporting customers through multiple touchpoints. Progressive Web Applications (PWA), which provide users rich, interactive experiences without the limitations of native mobile apps, is one of the main drivers of headless commerce.

Google launched the Angular web-development framework in 2010, which introduced PWAs. Although it isn’t new in many ways, it has been around for more than 10 years. PWA technology is still relatively new, particularly in the eCommerce sector. This is a great way for companies to get a lower total cost-of-ownership by investing early in a technology that will be around for the long term. This will ensure that you don’t need to change to new technologies as they become more mature, and it will also save you money in the long-term.

PWAs weren’t yet fully developed when they were introduced to eCommerce platforms six or five years ago.

But, the long-term value was evident even then:

* Rich user experiences
* Native apps are easier to manage and deploy.
* Increased agility and flexibility
* App stores are not dependent

Beta brand was one of the first to adopt PWAs on Magento Commerce. They use Magento Commerce as their commerce engine. Their Web Development Framework was Angular. They built their storefront using a PWA way back when many eCommerce companies didn’t know about PWA. They were early adopters and attracted top-quality developers. This has allowed them to grow and be positioned for future growth.

JH, an Adobe partner, found that a PWA’s lifetime cost is significantly less than a traditional website. PWAs also offer many other benefits, such as greater flexibility, faster load times, better user experience, and quicker loading time.

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Why shouldn’t everyone adopt technology as soon as possible? However, it is possible to take risks by adopting technology too soon.

What are the warning signs that it is too early?

It is impossible to get a reliable quotation.It could be an indication that vendors aren’t yet able to offer the right price for your new technology. Vendors may not have enough experience to anticipate unexpected costs.

It is not clear that it will be a long-term winner.A new technology might be a trend. This can be dangerous and could mean that you choose a technology few people will use long-term. It will also make it difficult to find skilled workers or service the product.

The learning curve is too expensive.There are additional costs associated with early adoption, such as training and finding skilled people to use the technology. There might be more bugs or problems in the initial stages of development that need to be fixed. You might not be able to support it yourself or add-ons from third parties.

These risks could (or might not) outweigh any potential benefits right now. Based on this risk assessment, every merchant will have a different view of “too early”.

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Are you looking for warning signs that it is too late?

Your competition is far ahead of you.Although this may seem obvious, many companies are unaware of how much ahead their competition is. It’s not enough to just look at their website. Their backend may be equipped with advanced technologies and processes. It may take some digging to find out just how far ahead they are.

Market share is declining.Old technology can cause businesses and consumers to gravitate toward better services and companies. This could indicate that your company is behind the times technologically.

It is difficult to retain or attract technical talent.Technical talent is eager to work in cutting-edge technology. They won’t work with outdated technology. This could indicate that you are not able to retain technical talent and that you are slow in adopting new technologies.

Your digital presence is very limited.Your presence will be limited if you only have a small social media footprint, SEO and email profile. Many businesses will find it difficult to establish a digital presence if they wait too long to adopt new technology.

The majority of your processes are manual.You could lose market share if you spend too much time in an organization doing manual tasks that can be automated. Data entry, digital signatures, and other tasks that take up time can often be automated through integrations or other methods.

It is very expensive to catch up.If you don’t invest in maintaining your technology stack up-to-date, the technology barrier could become very high. To make your business competitive, you will need to invest more time and money in technology and systems.

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How to lead early adopters

Use an iterative approach
You can’t eat all of the elephant in one go, as the old saying goes. Start small, perhaps for just a part of your website or business. You can start small and grow from there.

Recognize trends that may require new technology
Customers’ expectations change constantly and are often the driving force behind new technology trends. Mobile commerce was the catalyst for the rise in PWAs. Current trends such as visual search, IoT and immersive commerce are driving new design patterns and technologies. You can identify trends that could help you gain a competitive edge by understanding your customers’ needs and behaviors.

To capitalize on these trends, identify the most important new technologies in rapid growth.
It’s crucial to identify the trends that will impact your customers and to determine what barriers you have to overcome with your technology. Does your API support all customer touchpoints? Magento CommerceAPI GraphQLYou may be able help. Do you have the ability to present relevant products to your customersProduct recommendations powered by Adobe SenseiAndVisual recommendationsWe offer cutting-edge solutions for product discovery.

To be an early adopter, you must make bold decisions that unlock extraordinary potential. Look out for new trends and technologies that are leading the way in your industry as well as in other industries. Inspiration can come anywhere. Tinder was among the first to adopt PWA. You can boost your growth, increase market share, and reduce costs by leading early.

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