Here are seven tips to reach your customers in the holiday season

Retailers spend a lot of effort and time to acquire new customers. New prospects and leads are given more attention during the holiday season. That’s fine. It’s much easier to generate revenue from customers who are already in business.

These seven marketing strategies will help you win repeat business this holiday season.

1. Targeted marketing helps you reach customers who are already in your network

You can target previous customers using several different methods.

You can also send ads and posts to previous customers via social media. Re-market to customers who have visited your site using social media and search engine advertisement.

Email only customers who have previously purchased. This allows you create customized offers and messaging. You may be able to limit your customer base to those who bought from you last year, depending on how good your data is. You could also narrow it down to customers who purchased not during the holiday season but only at other times. View a complete list of our email marketing extensions.

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You can also send printed media, such as letters or postcards, to your customers.

You have the ability to market to specific customers by using language that is very specific to them. This will increase your success rate and allow you to spend more of your marketing budget.

2. Personalized marketing allows you to reach customers who are not yet in your network

Personalization is powerful.

It’s one thing for a company to send you coupons by email or via a postcard. It’s another thing to receive the same coupons with your name on it!

AutomateWoo lets you do just that by sending personalized coupons to customers. You can also create personalized subject lines for coupons such as these to increase the likelihood that your customers will read your email and take action on your offer.

AutomateWoo can also help you send reminders to wishlists. If you see a few products on customers’ wishlists, then put them on sale. Send out a reminder to customers in their wishlists letting them know that the item they are interested is now available at a low price.

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3. Multimedia: Use multiple media

You need to market to more people than your current customers if you want maximum holiday revenue. Multimedia is the best way to do this. You shouldn’t rely on just email, social media or print ads. All of them.

Particularly effective in reaching customers who are not yet customers, postcards can be used. Why? Because they already trust you. They already trust you. This same barrier increases their chances of opening your emails and will increase their chances that they won’t throw your postcard away. They will look at your postcard and take the time to consider it, more than someone else.

If the postcard includes a personalized offer it could get even more attention.

What should you say to them?

4. Offers to customers who have been customers before you

Exklusivity is the key to reaching past customers. Let them know that you are special.

This is not a place where you can offer 20% off. We’ve already talked about personalized coupons. The coupon does not have to be for a sale. You could use it to buy a gift. A free gift could be offered to any previous customer who spends at least $40 in the store. The gift is only available to customers who have purchased in the past. This shows that they are special.

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You could offer them VIP status. You can offer them discounted gift cards, free shipping or fast delivery for local customers. Access to special deals and enter into contests.

5. Organise giveaways and contests

A giveaway, drawing or any other type of contest is another special offer. These can be made available to only previous customers. You should let your customers know that they have a higher chance of winning.

Example: “Every customer who spends $100 or less will be entered to win $250 worth hotel vouchers.” You can also make the prize a new product that everyone would love to try.

Contests that are tied to purchases can be a great way to generate excitement and get past customers involved.

6. Share useful content that they can use

Reminding customers that you exist is a great way to get new business. However, it should be helpful.

Restaurants could send holiday cooking tips and a selection of their dishes. Retail stores could send holiday decorating tips and ideas, as well as heartfelt thanks for gifts.

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Any business can offer helpful tips, strategies, and other ideas that customers can use. You can also send this content via the same media as previously discussed. Here is the process:

  1. Your content should be created. This could be a blog article, PDF, how to video, gift guide, or other type of content.
  2. For the content that you are offering, create a catchy title and headline.
  3. Use social media and email to push the headline and then link back to this page.
  4. Recommend the content to your customers who have been with you before and thank them for their support.

That’s all! These customers will see and use your content. You didn’t give them any discounts, but some of these customers will purchase. They were just helped.

7. Video and user-generated content can make you stand out

Finally, break through holiday clutter with eye-catching visuals. This could be your own video or creative imagery. It can also be user-generated content such as happy customers using your product.

Rewards can be offered to anyone who sends in customer-generated content.

Incorporate the magic of the season

Remember to appeal to emotions in all your holiday marketing. Your products should be connected to the emotional benefits that come from giving them as gifts. Next year, you’ll see more joy and sales as a larger number of customers will spread the same feeling to others.