How to add online ordering to your restaurant website

Your restaurant’s online ordering is more important than ever. A recent survey showed that 33% (of consumers) said they are getting more takeout now than they did before the pandemic. 13% stated they will continue to rely upon off-premises dining even after the epidemic ends. You’re missing out if your restaurant does not have an online ordering platform.

Your own online ordering system has many benefits

A restaurant can reap the benefits of an ordering system that you control in many ways.

  • Attract new clients Many people order food online for pickup or delivery, particularly during the COVID-19 epidemic. These people may not otherwise have had the opportunity to try your food, so online ordering is a great option.
  • Make it easier for your customers to order your food. Customers who already have your food can order it at home or at work to save time.
  • Save more of your hard-earned cash Avoid paying high commissions to third parties like DoorDash.
  • Make ordering more efficient. You can fulfill pickup and delivery orders quickly without having to make time-consuming calls or lose physical tickets.

How to set up an online order with WordPress

It’s easy to add an ordering system to a WordPress restaurant site. You only need WooCommerce, and the Restaurant For WooCommerce extension. They create an efficient and effective system to accept orders.

How can you make online ordering as easy as possible? These are some tips.

High-quality images are your best choice

People eat first with their eyes, so ensure the photos you use to show your food grab their attention. Photographs should be taken in natural light. Images should not be blurry and accurately reflect the size, color and quality of the menu items.

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Although you don’t have to hire a professional photographer or purchase expensive equipment, these are options. With a little practice, you can take amazing photos with your smartphone. This article provides some simple tips to improve your photography.

Learn more:

Write clear descriptions.

Do not settle for just a title and a photo. Write a description of each dish. What are the sides? What are the main flavors? Is it free from common allergens like e.coli? What do you pair it with?

Use descriptive language to appeal to customers’ senses. Think about how your food tastes, looks and smells. Looking for examples and ideas? Check out our article on creating effective product descriptions .

Allow diners to easily edit their orders.

Make it easy for your customers to add or remove an item from their cart. Customers shouldn’t have the hassle of starting over.

The Restaurant for WooCommerce extension allows diners to add, remove, or increase the number items they wish to order all from one page. There is no frustration or wasted time.

Make sure you are clear about your hours and needs.

You can avoid confusion and frustration by displaying your restaurant hours and order deadlines in visible places on your website. They should appear in your footer as well as on your order page.

Are you only able to deliver in a specific area? Do you require a minimum order total for delivery? These requirements should be readily available.

For easy ordering, sort menu items into categories

You can make it easier for customers to search for items if you have multiple menu items. This is similar to how your menu layout works: Divide items into categories such as appetizers, sandwiches and entrees.

The Restaurant for WooCommerce extension allows you to turn these categories into toggles so that customers can only expand the ones they are interested in. This allows them to find exactly what they are looking for, even if there is a lot of menu options.

You might consider offering multiple delivery options.

Different customers have different needs. Offer a variety delivery and pickup options to meet their needs. You might offer curbside pickup, regular delivery and express delivery at different prices.

Allow diners to add special requests and notes.

Sauce served on the side Burger cooked medium-well? No-contact delivery? These special requests can be made by diners when they place their orders. Happy customers will return time and again.

Offer customizations and upsells.

The WooCommerce Product Extension extension allows diners to personalize their orders and offer upsells on certain items. These are just a few ways you can use this functionality.

  • You can offer a customized pizza, and let people choose from many toppings. Some toppings may be free while others might cost extra.
  • Customers can choose from a variety of cheeses and bread options for their sandwiches.
  • Consider serving side dishes or drinks to complement the main course.
  • Diners can add sauces and seasonings to their meals.

You can create something unique with checkboxes and dropdowns as well as text inputs.

Discounts for large orders or first-time customers

Consider offering discounts to customers who order for the first or larges orders. This could be done by offering a 10% discount or free delivery. This is a great way for diners to try your food, or to encourage groups of diners to order.

WooCommerce offers basic discount functionality. However, for more advanced rules, you can use the Smart Coupons extension.

Look beyond the plate.

Customers who are loyal may be interested in ordering more than food. You might be able to get them branded T-shirts and hats. They may want to have a few bottles of sauces and spices in their home. They might also want to gift a gift certificate to someone they love for a holiday or birthday.

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WooCommerce allows you to offer your online menu along with physical products, digital gift certificates and culinary courses. Take advantage of every opportunity!

Online ordering is easy

Start with the WooCommerce Setting Up Wizard. This will guide you through the first steps of setting up your store. Follow the detailed documentation for WooCommerce, and the Restaurant For WooCommerce extension to get your store up and running.