How to make and sell enamel pins in 2021

How to make and sell enamel pins in 2021

The popularity of enamel pins has exploded in fashion and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to make the most of this business opportunity.

These tiny metal pins can be customized with any design you like, including quirky illustrations and logos. The enamel pins can be customized to suit your needs and allow you to accessorize your jean jackets and backpacks with a variety of accessories.

Pin makers and graphic designers all over the world have been creating successful online businesses through their original designs and ideas.

This post will provide a complete guide on designing, manufacturing and selling enamel pins.

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Why use enamel pins?

At some time in their lives, many people have purchased an enamel pin. These fashionable accessories are easy to use and look great wherever they’re placed. Enamel pins can be considered small works of art and are sold as such. Enamel pins are usually between $8-12 dollars but can be sold for much more.

Souvenir pins are a classic item that has been around for many decades. You’ll find a variety of lapel pins in any gift shop or rest stop.

People wear pins today to express themselves and promote their favorite things. Pins can be placed anywhere: on backpages and on hats, shirts and pants. Emel pins are a fashion statement. Taylor Swift was seen wearing one on the cover Entertainment Weekly.

Source: Elle

Artists and illustrators love enamel pins for several reasons.

  • Pins can be used to sell clothes and stickers.
  • Enamel pins have high profit margins.
  • These are simple to make and easy to ship.
  • There is no end to creativity.
Source: Pinlord Shop

The best thing? The best part? Enamel pins are affordable. Pin Lord, an online seller of enamel pins, estimates that 100 units will cost between $135 to $200. You can also get pins made in other countries at a lower price.

Different types of enamel pins

There are many kinds of enamel pins that you can make. Let’s take a look at the most popular and cost-effective ones that you can make right now.

Soft enamel

Soft enamel is the best choice for enamel pins, and it’s a popular choice for beginners. Soft enamel is more versatile, offering more colors and vibrant options.

Source: Strange Ways

Soft enamel allows you to add more texture to your design. You can feel the edges and borders. Soft enamel pins can be easily scratched and are less durable than hard enamel pins.

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One layer of paint is applied to the pin’s surface in recessed areas to create an enamel pin. Pins with recessed metal areas slightly higher than the rest have a more rigid finish. These enamel pins can be made cheaper.

Hard enamel

Although hard enamel is more durable than soft enamel and can withstand more abuse, it is more costly and has more restrictions regarding color. Hard enamel pins may appear more muted and dull than soft enamel pins.

Source: Strange Ways

Hard enamel pins also have a clear coat made of resin that creates a smooth, textureless surface. If you are looking for pins that can withstand the elements and long-term durability, hard enamel is a great choice.

3D mold

3D-mold pins or die-cast pins are made from metal. These pins are made by pouring molten metal under high pressure into a mold. 3D mold pins are typically more elegant and classic in appearance. They can be made of zinc or pewter.

Source: Pintrill

If you have a complex design that requires cutting or a pin that isn’t perfect, die cast pins are the best choice. You can think of designs for animals, planes, symbols, and toys.

Use offset epoxy pins

An epoxy pin is a clear plastic coating applied to soft enamel pins or lapel pins that are offset-printed. It protects your designs and adds shine. Epoxy coating protects silk screen prints and offset printed designs against fading or scratching.

Source: Signature Pins

Get struck

Your pin is made by pressing metals like copper, iron, and gold against a steel mold. You can use color options such as or cloisonne by striking the metal. To create a two-tone look, some makers sandblast the area.

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How to make enamel pins for sale

You can make custom pins from your designs and turn them into beautiful physical products. But it can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin.

This tutorial was created to assist ambitious people like yourself. If you have an idea or a dream for your enamel pin business, but don’t know how to realize it, this tutorial will help.

Where do you start?

Researching the right resources is the first step in building a product or business. This article is for you! Congratulations! You have just completed the first step, and are now on your way to making your first enamel pin set.

This guide will help you make your enamel pins.

You’re probably asking yourself questions like:

  • How can I make my designs an enamel pin?
  • How can I make products people want to buy?
  • How can I find out who my customers really are?
  • How can I sell items online?
  • Where can I buy products online?

This post will answer all your questions as we take you through the process of making and selling custom or pre-designed lapel pins. So you can start as soon as possible, we’ve done the research and done the hard work.

1. 1. Find a niche that is unique

finding a niche for your enamel pin business

How do you create a great product? First, find an audience.

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It will make it easier to narrow down the niche you want for enamel pins. Understanding your audience is key to designing a product that appeals to them and selling it.

A passion project is the best foundation for a business idea. It’s easy to create and sell enamel pins online if you are passionate about a niche. While it will take some effort and time, you’ll be able to enjoy each step of the process if you care deeply about it.

There are two main ways to find niches: either choose one you are passionate about, or you find a niche you can learn to understand. It takes just a little market research to find the right audience for your brand.

Use your niche communities

It’s easy to start a business if you are already a member of a niche group. A niche is any group that has a set of specific interests.

A niche is any group that has a particular set of interests.

Are you unsure which niches you belong? Think about your interests and the communities around them. Are there any hobbies that you are interested in? What are your favourite TV shows, movies, and books? What are your obsessions?

Finding new niche communities

While targeting your local community can be rewarding, it is sometimes better to target new niche audiences with new opportunities.

There are several ways to find active niches.

  • Reddit.Use tools such asReddit ListYou can find the most active communities by searchingReddit. Reddit is a place to meet and a message board for many of the largest subcultures in the world, making it easy to research and validate niche audiences.
  • KWFinder.You can also use this tool to assess interest and demand.KWFinderFind out how many people search terms related to your niche.
  • Google Trends.You can also useGoogle TrendsFor a general overview of global search volume, click here. Although Google Trends doesn’t provide as much detail as the other options, it can quickly help you determine whether a niche is viable.


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How to determine if a niche community is a good fit

After you have done your research and identified niche communities that might work for your company, it is time to evaluate whether these communities are a good fit for creating a sustainable product.

Here is a quick framework to evaluate the potential of a niche:

  • It is a niche that is unique?Your niche should possess distinctive traits that distinguish it from other more popular audiences. Your niche will be easier to target if you have a set of distinctive traits.
  • It is a viable niche?Your target audience must be more than a fad if you want to build a profitable business. It is important to choose a niche with the potential to last.
  • It is an active niche?Marketing to niches can be difficult without an active community. It will be easier to create an audience for your niche if there are many members who are engaged.
  • It is a niche that can be scaled?Although you may initially target a small, targeted population with your products, once you are successful you will want to expand. It’s a good idea to target your niche if you believe it won’t limit the potential of your business in the future.
  • Is there an influencer in your niche?Marketing to your target audience will be much easier if your niche includes prominent social media influencers. Is there a certain group of people who have a large following on Instagram (#pingame(or Pinterest). A few influential people can make a big difference.

2. Make your own enamel pins

Once you have decided who your enamel pins are going to be sold to, it’s time to decide what the pins will look like.

how to make an enamel pin infographic

It’s possible to create enamel pins even if you don’t have any design experience. There are many options to help you connect with skilled artists and turn your original designs into tangible products.

Let’s look at some of the many resources and tools available to create stunning enamel pins regardless of your level of skill.

Make your pins

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are the best tools to create mockups of your lapel pins. These are free alternatives to Photoshop that you can use to create original designs if you don’t have Photoshop.

Get in touch with a pin designer

Perhaps you’re not confident in your design abilities or don’t have enough time to create your designs. There are many great options for outsourcing the design process to skilled designers around the globe, no matter what the reason.

These are some of the best places to find graphic designers or purchase design resources.

Notice: Make sure you have a commercial license if you purchase design resources. This will allow you to use them in your products

There are some guidelines you should follow when designing enamel pins.

  • Designs must use only solid colors. These colors are usually found in the Pantone colour matching system. This means that enamel colors cannot include gradients or transparent.
  • You should not use small text or fine details due to the large size of enamel pins.
  • Your manufacturer will usually only require a JPG or PNG file of your design. However, be sure to get their exact guidelines in detail such as sizing and bleed areas.

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3. Make your pins

how to manufacture pins infographic

After you have created your designs, you will need to find a manufacturer that can turn them into enamel pins.

Even for seasoned entrepreneurs, it can be daunting to research and contact manufacturers, suppliers, or distributors. If you have a clear idea of what you want, you can make the manufacturing process simple.

This section will show you how to evaluate manufacturers and what to do when you are ready to order enamel pins.

Pricing is affected by factors

It is important to order pins at low prices. Let’s take a look at some factors that can increase the price of your order.

  • Your design’s color palette
  • Your design complexity
  • The pin size
  • The order quantity

The main cost to manufacturers in terms of order quantities is the building of the mold for your product. The cost to add pins to your order after they have made the mold for your product is less than the cost of creating it. This is something you need to remember when deciding how big an order you should place.

Find a manufacturer to make enamel pins

Many companies offer enamel pin manufacturing services in North America, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. You can find many different options by doing a quick Google search for enamel-pin manufacturers. Here are a few:

You can also use Alibaba if you need to find a trustworthy manufacturer in another country.

It can be intimidating to connect with overseas manufacturers. It can be daunting to connect with overseas manufacturers if this is your first experience.

Our guide How To Find a Manufacturer/Supplier for Your Product Idea covers everything you need to learn about choosing the right manufacturer for your product.

Specifications for enamel pins

When contacting a manufacturer for enamel pins, here are some details to keep in mind.

Many enamel pin manufacturers allow you to choose the material you want for your pins. Before dyes are applied to your enamel pins, you can choose the base color and texture. Ask about the different options for your pin’s back, such as whether the clasp is made of steel, rubber or another material.

Find out if the manufacturer will allow you to customize how your pins are shipped. For a professional touch, enamel pins are usually shipped in small plastic bags. However, some manufacturers allow you to attach a custom backing card to each bag. If backing cards are offered, ensure you get the exact design specifications, including color limits and bleed area.

Validating your idea

A reliable manufacturer will send you a sample or proof pin to check before you order a full-size product. To ensure that your vision is fulfilled, make sure you thoroughly inspect the sample.

Next, validate demand after you have finalized your product design. Start with the smallest possible run and see what happens. After you are certain that there is a significant demand for your product you can scale up or increase the size of your orders.

Selling enamel pins online: Tips

Once you have a good idea of your market, your target market and your supply chain, you can start to plan how to sell enamel pins.

You can list your pins on Amazon and Etsy, but for your brand you will need to open your own online store. Online stores are your digital home. They allow you to connect with customers and sell your products.

Shopify Merchant PINTRILL is a top seller of enamel pins and features hundreds of pins on their ecommerce website.

PINTRILL is a new way to give life to the work of artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat or Keith Haring. The company also added keychains and pin backs to its product range. The website allows you to create custom pins from scratch.

PINTRILL does not list on third-party platforms, so it doesn’t have to pay commissions and can keep all the profit.

There are a few channels that you should use to market your enamel pin business.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)SEO. SEO allows you to reach people looking for particular enamel pins or designs. These searches have a buying intent, so you will get more traffic to your product pages. This can lead to higher sales. This can be done organically by optimizing your site or by using Google Ads to promote your product pages.
  • Instagram marketing.Instagram is a visual platform that allows creators to showcase their products. To promote your products and build relationships with followers, you can post Stories, posts, or reels. Your content will be more popular if they enjoy it.
  • Facebook advertising.Let’s say you want to target a certain group with your pins. You can market to those who match your profile with Facebook ads.
  • Influencer Marketing.To promote your pins, you can partner up with YouTubers, Instagrammers, or micro-celebrities. Influencers can help you reach the right people. You can expect a return on investment of as high as$18 for each dollarInfluencer marketing is a great way to promote your company.

Make sure you take great product photos of your pins. The details will be important to shoppers. You took the time to create them so you might as well share them with them.