Iron House Kopitiam

A hidden gem in the Seri Kembangan depart the MEX street, brief trip of 30 mins from KL. You’ll find this newly open retro theme restaurant which provide you with famous regional delight – Nasi Lemak, and Pan Mee and the rest of the food, dessert and beverages to rekindle your childhood reside.

Well, Iron House Kopitiam isn’t completely new as the cafe was moving out of the former shop about a stone throw away to a larger and new space that allow you to dine comfortably while indulging their famous Nasi Lemak Rendang with generous portion of fried chicken leg.

The restaurant run by the bunch, Wong Yun Shortly (or Ah Soon) with Tan Mei Syn who decided to begin a different venture following their corporate lives. Soon who’s a self-confessed foodie chose to start this Kopitiam using the menu which preserves his own legacy.

Love our meals

Iron House Cafe provide menu which suite the majority of the patrons but leveraging on food technologies to scale up their production whilst maintaining the flavour and standard. To deal with the influx of over 300 individuals within 2 hours and be sure their foods and beverages get delivered promptly and keeping up the standard is more than experienced cook, waiters and speed. However, you will need automation and technology to provide error free consistency.

Iron House Kopitiam benefit from the high quality and affordable pricing and it’s demonstrated to be a powerful formula to pull influx of patrons in peak hours. Notably the legendary best seller, Nasi Lemak Rendang with Big Chicken Leg, a nicely marinated chicken drumstick that infused with the rich flavour of Rendang spices and cooked with high-end kitchen gear to deliver tender and succulent meat feel, they can easily sell over 300 dishes so be there before to prevent disappointment.

You can be assured that whatever recorded on their menu will taste better as Iron House is not just another Kopitiam next door. They put in a great deal of attempts to make their food or beverages taste better and supply the environment which you get to settle in for a casual meet up with friends or simply makan!


Unlike the majority of the eatery that compete with volume and pricing, Iron House Kopitiam Implementing on improved dining experience for the client and using technology to improve customer engagement to increase the company and lower the cost. Though Nasi Lemak is a frequent food that could easily prepared even domestically, but to create a very good Nasi Lemak that prepared with hygiene, consistent food quality and flavour and very affordable pricing need experiences and technology automation.

We offer a Point of sale (POS) system which help to integrate the front of house (server ) and kitchen to one so that kitchen team get notify and equipped to monitor the orders accurately whether it’s been prepared or served to table. With the support of expedite display at the food pass window, so the planner can check to protect against missing orders.

We add in queue ticket systems to assist the restaurant to handle the order of queue and discourage the”jump queue” situation. With the integration between queue systems and POS systems, waiter can”page” another queue no from POS and streamline the doorway to seat procedure.

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