June 2021 Research Recap — Cloud And Tech Operations

June 2021 Research Recap — Cloud And Tech Operations

All the best! Every month, the infrastructure & operations (I&O), team creates amazing research. As research director, I have the opportunity to see not only the final result but also the client insights and work that went into it. These are the things I know best. I can call them via inquiry calls, but I would love to record this on a permanent platform. Each month in 2021 I plan to blog, sharing my favorite articles and links to all of the work that was published. We’re not as active this month, but we have a few reports that we will publish for the Forrester Decisions launch on August 2, 2021. These are my top picks for June. They both fall on the cloud side.

“Assess the viability of an open source project” — This report begins with “open source IS great until it’s not,” and then goes on to tell stories about open source projects that have lost momentum and became legacy stacks that had to be supported by teams. This report explains the process of evaluating an open-source cloud project. A few goodies are attached to the report. PowerPoint walks you through the assessment of some major open-source cloud projects. The Excel file takes the report, and converts it into an actual assessment that you can fill out. This research will help you to build your cloud team.

“It’s time to bring Kubernetes into your disaster recovery plan” — This is Lee Sustar’s opening piece at Forrester. I think it shows the depth of his background and the contributions he makes to the Forrester cloud analysts team. Although disaster recovery (DR), is not as popular or as glamorous as containers at the edge or service mesh, it is a timely topic. Kubernetes is becoming more important to companies, and it ties into core workloads. Enterprises need to consider how to apply fundamental operations functions to these workloads. Lee walks enterprises through the steps of solving for disaster recovery within Kubernetes. Lee even identifies where best practices are found in community blogs, vendor recommendations pages, podcasts, and other media. We could consider inserting lightning bolt graphics and queue dramatic music as the executive team reads this report. This will ultimately be the next stage in maturity for the K8s ecosystem, and will be crucial for its viability and long-term momentum. Lee will be launching a series that focuses on Kubernetes at scale within everyday organizations, not just stories from Silicon Valley tech executives.


Our New Cloud Research

Assess the viability of an open source project description above.

The Forrester wave(tm), Hybrid Cloud Management Software in China, Q3 2021 — Guannan Lu & Charlie Dai evaluated major Chinese hybrid cloud management vendors. There will be very little overlap with US markets as the management players must support major public cloud platforms.

The Forrester Wave(tm), Salesforce Consulting Partners In Asia Pacific Q2 2021 Sam Higgins reviews Salesforce consulting partners in the Asia Pacific market. Sam provides advice to our clients about the best partners, platforms, and practices to help them meet their technology needs. This is Sam’s latest piece, which helps companies make critical decisions.

Kubernetes are now part of your disaster recovery plan — description below.


Our New Tech Operations Research

Now Tech, Enterprise Service Management, Q2 2020 — Forrester presents the market for enterprise service management using our Now Tech methodology. This report provides basic information about the market, including revenue estimates, geos and sample customers. It also includes key verticals for each major vendor.

Bios and Recent Research for Each of Our Cloud Operations Analysts

Charles Betz

Jeffrey Hammond(AD&D).

Andrew Hewitt

Bill Martorelli

Will McKeon White

Lee Sustar

Tracy Woo

Research and bios of our international analysts

Charlie Dai is based in Beijing China

Sam Higgins is based in Sydney Australia

Guannan Li is based in Beijing China

Paul Miller is based in London, England.

Danny Mu is based in Beijing China