My Seven Major Mistakes

When folks ask me what was the biggest mistake I’ve made with my luxury astrology report site company, I must joke,”Which one?!” I’ve made so many…

Big Mistake 1
My site was started on 19 December 2006 once I interviewed seven site developers from May 2006. I had no such delay with my very first website business, an internet portfolio directory for networking professionals known as, so I naively thought it would be the same! As the months hurried beyond my planned September launch (they were scrambling to launch it before they closed for Christmas), I probably lost holiday sales.

Big Mistake two
Two developers quoted the ground, an individual wouldn’t offer a quotation, one said he had no idea how to construct the backend system, and the fifth was reserved until January 2007.

The sixth (ironically, a previous member of ignored repeated texts, calls, voicemail, visits and return envelopes for my astrology software (and he would not estimate, either) so that I could not make any progress.

Finally, as indicated by my accountant dad, I discovered under the native Yellow Pages, debt collectors known as Outlaw Collections, two tattooed gentlemen by the local chapter of the Hell’s Angels. Magically, they recovered my applications the same day.

Big Mistake 3
The seventh company was fantastic at turning my vision into a site. But they used a proprietary content management system (CMS) that cost me a fortune and made adjustments very costly. After the primary developer, 2IC programmer and project manager left over six weeks of one another in December 2009, I chose to explore WordPress open-source CMS.

Developer interviews started all over again and it took until March 2011 for me to relaunch the site.

The original site used proprietary CMS

The present website uses WordPress open-source CMS

Big Mistake 4
Before the December 2006 launch, I hired a PR agency. They promised enormous press coverage for LoveStars for Valentine’s Day and for that reason, sales. Since the printing firm who made my handmade report covers were closed during January, I purchased tens of thousands of covers so I would not run out. My mother and I piled these boxes in my spare room, expecting them to disappear fairly quickly. I still have a number of them now…

Big Mistake 5
The bureau did get me paper and magazine PR but at 8pm on 11 February they asked me to appear on Sydney TV’s biggest breakfast show at 7am on 12 February to talk about six famous couples’ compatibility in three minutes. Since I was flat out generating LoveStars reports for clients for Valentine’s Day and doubted my ability to deal with more, I said no to the unbelievable opportunity. I have never been invited back…

Big Mistake 6
In September 2006 I hired a photographer to take product shots of the BabyStars and LoveStars reports but it never occurred to me to take people”reading” the reports to assist prospective clients see the goods being held and used by people. It took me until May 2009 to organise this. Revenue shot up instantly once people could see others interacting together.

Big Mistake 7
I paid to include leaflets offering 15 percent off the BabyStars reports to be distributed to new mothers in hospital that received gift bags packed with samples, offers and discount vouchers. Never having been a mother, I did not realise the timing was bad for parents paying for hospital expenditures. At the same time, many first-time moms take the time to”come up for air”. The deal expiry date ran out over 30 days, not giving them enough time to purchase them. Of the 13,000 leaflets, I made 6 earnings. Eeek!

I hope I am not the only person who’s made mistakes! Please share yours in the comments below.