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Here are seven tips to reach your customers in the holiday season

Retailers spend a lot of effort and time to acquire new customers. New prospects and leads are given more attention during the holiday season. That’s fine. It’s much easier to generate revenue from customers who are already in business. These seven marketing strategies will help you win repeat business this holiday season. 1. Targeted marketing helps you reach customers […]

Five Ways a Blog Can Connect Customers to Your Brand

Blogs are a vital part of modern business. A blog is essential for every business for many reasons. But the most important reason for any business is to connect customers with your brand. While your brand can be found in many forms, your blog is the key to that connection. Let’s take a look at five important ways […]

Focusing on the top 20 percent of your customers

By segmenting customer lifetime value and differentiating the top 20 percent, an ecommerce business may develop a focused marketing campaign to increase earnings with limited additional spend. As online merchants we always evaluate our marketing activities. The ability to monitor and feature value makes online marketing look like a perfect world. We’ve got a new […]

Seek Repeat Customers to Drive Ecommerce Profits

Growing a successful ecommerce business may depend on earning repeat business from a relatively small number of loyal shoppers, according to a new report. The top 1 percent of a normal ecommerce retailer’s customers will invest up to the bottom 50 percent over time, based on the 2014 Ecommerce Benchmark Report from data analysis firm […]