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Reviewing your Ecommerce Business at Year End

Many ecommerce companies owners will soon execute a year-end count of the merchandise inventory. For most merchants, this procedure will determine cost of goods sold — and gain — for the year. Beyond your merchandise, however, I urge you review your whole business. As you close your books and examine your financial performance, assess other […]

Secrets of Becoming top valuation to your eCommerce Business

Ecommerce businesses that sell in the top valuation in market aren’t the ones where owner spent the past couple of years of the time preparing the company and it has systems available. In fact, they’re the companies where the owner has planned, created and perfected the auto-pilot systems over the whole life of their organization. […]

Nurturing An Unrealistic Value for your eCommerce business

Nurturing An Unrealistic Value A lot people can still listen to the admonition of our parents,”You have to understand the value of a buck.” From our very first piggy bank to our existing savings and investment strategies, we’ve been confronted with the value of our hard earned bucks. What happened when you started your own […]

10 Things I’d Do Differently in my Ecommerce Business

Once I sold my company this past year, I wrote a series of articles on the importance of creating an ecommerce strategy. I have written over 70 articles since then, addressing best practices and how to enhance an ecommerce company. But in this guide, I will address what I’d do differently in my organization, knowing […]

Recap of selling an ecommerce business

Every time that I sell an ecommerce company, I compose an internal overview with highlights of that offer. Including statistics like: Asking price vs. selling price; Conditions offered. terms negotiated between seller and buyer; Challenges faced selling the company; Number of offers received; Time between the record date and selling date. After the transaction is […]

Growing an ecommerce Business starts with’why’

Business leaders talk about programs to enhance customer satisfaction. However, all of us deal with businesses that leave us largely dissatisfied. It is rare that we have an experience, as customers, that we feel genuinely good about. I do not even mean a knock-your-socks-off”I’d really like to tell all my buddies about this” experience. Only […]