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Email Marketing: Why Every Brand Should Use Personalized Ecommerce Emails in Their Digital Strategy

Email Marketing: Why Every Brand Should Use Personalized Ecommerce Emails in Their Digital Strategy This article will explain why personalized ecommerce emails are so important and how they can help retailers grow. You may be new to personalized emails, or just need to refresh your memory, here are some reasons why they are so important […]

Event Summary: The Wix eCommerce Growth Summit

Event Summary: The Wix eCommerce Growth Summit Wix hosted The Wix eCommerce Growth Summit on Tuesday, June 22, 2021. This online event featured a variety of sessions about marketing and growing your eCommerce business. The summit had several sessions that all focused on helping eCommerce businesses succeed. They presented actionable insights, growth strategies and tools […]

14 examples of the most beautiful eCommerce websites

14 examples of the most beautiful eCommerce websites A good eCommerce website design should be a marriage of form and functionality that achieves the ultimate goal of any online shop: to sell. Although there are many types of eCommerce websites, good ones all share one thing in common: visual design that makes a strong brand […]

The Shipping Guide for eCommerce Stores

You’ve crossed the finish line when someone clicks on the “purchase” button. It’s almost. To keep customers coming back for more, you will need seamless shipping. This guide will help you determine the best strategy to delight customers throughout the sales funnel. Shipping methods and carriers Let’s start with the most commonly used shipping terms: carriers and […]

Four Must-Have Mobile Ecommerce Platforms

Retail trends are changing. Consumers are increasingly using their tablets and smartphones to shop. According to Criteo, mobile makes up 29% of all ecommerce transactions in America and 34% globally. These numbers will continue to rise over the next few decades, so retailers need to commit to mobile commerce, and offer customers convenient, easy ways for them […]

Top Ecommerce Web Sites Ranked by Consumers

AspectivaA technology company that specializes in online analysis for retailers used artificial intelligence tools to survey more than 75,000 people on over 40 ecommerce websites to create a report about the state of online shopping. Aspectiva was able to identify the characteristics of each retailer that customers loved and resented the most using AI technology. Aspectiva’s […]

Legal: Ecommerce Owners Liable to Patent Trolls?

There has been a rise in the amount of patent claims against site operators and developers. The claims are based on”business method” and software patents for a variety of functions of a site, such as drop-down menus, site search, and other common functions. A number of these functions are in common use by many programmers, […]

How to Reduce Ecommerce Shipping Costs

Plans and ideas to decrease shipping cost appeal to most every ecommerce merchant. We recently spoke with John Haber, founder and CEO of Spend Management Pros , a shipping and logistics consulting company, about ways for merchants to reduce their shipping costs. Practical eCommerce: How do merchants know if they’re overpaying for shipping? John Haber:“One […]

How to Handle Tracking Tags on an Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce websites track visitor behaviour in many different ways. One of these is using”tags,” small pieces of code out of third party sites, like analytics applications and affiliate marketing partners. An active website can have many tags, and they sometimes conflict with one another. Tracking and handling tags could be burdensome. Tagman is a business […]