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Our 7 Favorite (Free!) Local Marketing Resources for 2021

Digital marketing can help you to streamline and synergize your strategies, provide you with valuable data to identify what works, and make life easier for you in the long run—that is, once everything is set up. But what is “everything?” What does getting “set up” even look like? For local businesses who often don’t have […]

MasterCard Enters Free Shipping Fracas

Global payment company MasterCard announced that its customers will get free, two-day shipping from five of the Internet’s top retailers. MasterCard also offered a premium service which extends the complimentary, two-day delivery supply to other online merchants. MasterCard joins American Express and PayPal in offering customers free, two-day shipping choices at select online retailers. Earlier […]

16 Free Online Tools for Small Firms

Whether you are starting a small business or you are just thrifty, you can likely benefit from some free internet productivity tools. Here’s a list of internet productivity tools for small companies. There are apps for cooperation, accounting, scheduling, development, client management, general office tasks, and much more. All these tools have free programs, and […]