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For 2020 holiday sales, plan ahead: Inventory and Supply Chain Management

For 2020 holiday sales, plan ahead: Inventory and Supply Chain Management This year’s holiday sales offer online merchants both new opportunities and new challenges. One, eCommerce is growing rapidly with many shoppers opting to shop online. Cyber Weekend 2020 sales projections hit $51.1 million, nearly double 2019. The entire supply chain was disrupted in this year’s event. The […]

Google Purchases Pointy to Electricity”See what Is in store’ inventory feature

Google Announced It Is Acquiring Pointy, An Irish Retail Startup Firm, Which Lets Users Assess Stores For Stock Availability By Letting”Local Retailers Bring Their Product Inventory Online.” Peter Chane, Senior Director, Local SMB Products, Stated In The blog post: Among the challenges small merchants face is getting their store stock information online in a means […]

Inventory Rules Are Changing, States Dropship.com CEO

Drop shipping is the practice of selling an item that’s then sent by a manufacturer or wholesaler. Many ecommerce merchants utilize drop shipping, at least in part, to decrease inventory costs and to expand their product offerings. But drop shipping can be challenging. We addressed some of those complexities yesterday, at “Drop Shipping: The Good […]

Reducing Surplus Inventory to Free-up Capital

Reducing excess stock, even in a loss, can free-up funds and help a tiny online retailer grow. Slow selling goods sitting in a warehouse — or, for very tiny retailers, a garage — tie up money and might make it tough to invest in advertising, new product lines, or site enhancements. Take an example from […]